Event Date/Time: Feb 26, 2001 End Date/Time: Feb 27, 2001
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The demand for Bandwidth has carriers struggling to unclog the "last mile" bottleneck. Deregulation has created an environment in which you must be able to provide data, voice, video and enhanced applications in order to meet the increasing requirements of your customers. Passive optical networks can provide your company with the architecture necessary to deliver the bandwidth to the customer in the local loop. PONs are bridging the gap between carriers and their consumers. Bottom-line PONs enable carrier to deliver fiber-to-the-X (FTTX).

PONs provide one access line that can be shared among multiple customers at a lower cost than other network architectures. The opportunity to provide increased services at lower cost has caught the attention of carriers across the globe. PONs provide you with the ability to deliver the services that are currently being demanded by customers and the scalability and reliability to support future applications. This event will explore the use of PONs as a feeder technology for existing broadband systems, including DSL, Cable and Wireless Broadband, as well as a stand alone broadband mechanism in its own right.

IQPC's and Telethority's industry leading conference Passive Optical Networks, February 26-27, 2001 in Las Vegas will provide you with the opportunity to hear from the industry's foremost experts on PON technology. You will discover the business case for PONs and gain a working knowledge of the "how to" information necessary for deploying in existing or new network architectures. Specifically, you will learn from:

Bell Canada — What is the ROI of integrating PONs
International Telecommunications Union — What is the PON standard G.983.1
Cablevision — Strategies for delivering bandwidth through PONs "Sharing Business Solutions"
Enron Broadband Services — Bridging interconnectivity through PONs
Sprint — will give a comparison of all the FTTX technologies
Bristish Telecommunications — What are PONS applications and limitation


2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
United States