Event Date/Time: Apr 09, 2001 End Date/Time: Apr 11, 2001
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Come learn from the industry leaders who have
shaped--and ARE shaping--the direction of Fire Service EMS. Leaders such as Rich Marinucci, Randy Bruegman and Gordon Sachs will offer their own first-hand accounts of leading a professional and successful EMS division. All will be featured speakers at Fire-Rescue Med.


Additional Information

FRM 2001 Session List* -Salt Lake City Preparation for the 2002 Olympics -Impact of the New HCFA -Combining Fire & EMS: Anatomy of a Merger -Chickens, Cows & Geese: Leadership Lessons from the Barnyard -Emergency Departments in Crisis - Saturation, Diversion and Calamity -Care and Feeding of the City Manager -Basic to Advanced...Smooth slide or bumpy ride -Hot/Tasty/Pretty/Packaged--Customer Service -The top 10 things every fire chief should know about higher education -Main Street EMS: Is the Fire Service Meeting the Need? -All Hazards Mission -How to Conduct a Personnel Investigation -Where Do We Go From Here? The EMS Education Agenda for the Future -Does your EMS Chief Know About this Issue...? -EMS Special Operations -Status Quo is not an Option - Fire Service EMS in a new Millenium -Tips, Tricks and Secrets of Budgeting -Respond Up Front, Not in Front of a Judge -Leadership from the Third Millenium -Coping with the stress of the EMS responder -Response to EMS - What's the Right Response? -The National Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program: An Overview for the First Responder Community -Recruiting firefighter/paramedics and strategies for retaining them * all programs may be subject to change