Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2001
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Do you attract the right people to help you achieve what you want? Do you help others find the best ways to obtain what they want? Do others do their best, and achieve what they want, by helping you achieve your purpose? This seminar empowers leaders with the peak form of thinking - Optimal Thinking. When Optimal Thinking is taken on board by leadership as the vehicle to achieve the company's mission, the entire organization is injected with supremacy of action and purpose. We can't function at our peak when we think in suboptimal terms.

You will learn how to use Optimal Thinking consistently to inspire others to wholeheartedly commit to your mission, make the most profitable decisions in any business situation and empower others to achieve optimum results. You will define what ‘the best’ means to you and your company and the most constructive actions to achieve what is most important. You will determine solutions which maximize talents, resources, opportunities and profits.


By the end of the seminar, you will have:

a clear understanding of the nature of Optimal Thinking and its vital role in your leadership
learned how to challenge and optimize suboptimal thoughts, feelings and concepts
defined your ultimate mission and analyzed your current reality
developed the optimal strategy to maximize your leadership skills
completed the Optimal SWOT analysis - maximizing strengths and opportunities, minimizing weaknesses and threats
learned when to train, coach, participate and delegate
discovered how to motivate others to do their best
learned to apply the most constructive techniques for resolving business conflicts
experienced optimal performance.


CEOs and leaders in all areas of life
large and small business owners
people in any type of organization who are interested in the mental software for Optimal leadership.