Key Drivers for Wireless 3G: Will 3G Deliver its Promise? Or Is It Just Hype (Key Drivers for Wire)

Venue: Shapiro Hall, Columbia University

Location: New York, New York, United States

Event Date/Time: Sep 20, 2001
Registration Date: Sep 19, 2001
Early Registration Date: Sep 07, 2001
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Billions of dollars (and euros, yen, and other currencies) have been spent by wireless services providers to acquire the radio frequency spectrum needed to offer so-called “Third Generation” (3G) mobile services. These services include high-speed data, mobile Internet access and entertainment such as games, music and video programs. Equal or greater amounts will be spent to actually deploy the 3G networks.

What is the difference between 3G and 2.0G or 2.5G? When will 3G handsets be available in quantity? Will businesses and individual consumers really want mobile services that only 3G can support? Will there be a “killer app”? Will the “killer app” vary in different businesses or regions or among different age groups? Will enough users be willing to pay enough and use the services enough so that wireless service operators will be able to make a profit? And if 3G takes off, will there be enough spectrum to satisfy demand? - In other words, what are the key drivers for wireless 3G?

CITI is exploring the answer to this fundamental question in an on-going Mobile Wireless Program. In addition to on-going research, this Program will include a Conference on September 20, 2000. CITI will organize a research consortium that includes experts from wireless service providers, equipment manufacturers, application software developers, investors and government officials. In particular, the conference will focus on public policies and private strategies, issues of technology and applications, as well as services. Research results will be presented at the September Conference although the Program is likely to continue for a number of years.

Among the presenters: Tom Sugrue (Wireless Bureau, FCC), Eli M. Noam (Director, CITI), Michael Altschul (Senior VP, CTIA), Kathryn A. Harrigan (Prof., Columbia Business School), Kari-Pekka Wilska (President, Nokia Americas), Keith Shank (VP, Strategic Development, Ericsson Inc.), Neil Budde (Senior VP, Wall Street Journal Interactive), Jenna Fiorito (VP, Business Development, AOL Wireless) and others.

CITI’s Mobile Internet Program is managed by Dan Steinbock, an affiliated researcher at CITI and Visiting Virtual Professor at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Finland.


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