Application of Superconductors in Electronics, Communications and Computing

Venue: Seaport Hotel and Conference Center

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Event Date/Time: Nov 15, 2001 End Date/Time: Nov 16, 2001
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Superconductivity is among the most important discoveries of the century in physics and materials science, however, technological issues, operational complexities and high cost are among the main barriers to advancing superconducting electronic systems into the marketplace.

This program will address what is needed for superconductivity to become a commercially viable electronic technology.

In addition, our speakers will present the distinctions between government-based and commercial application strategies and the proper timing to market for "Commercial-Of-The-Shelf" superconducting electronic products.

These and many other issues will be addressed by this international assembly of experts highlighting major achievements and challenges of superconducting electronics for:

Medical applications

• Impact of heart diagnostics by magnetocardiography on healthcare
• SQUID applications to whole - cortex magnetoencephalography
• SQUID magnetometers for applications in magnetically distributed environment

Advanced communication systems

• Prospects for digital superconductor microelectronics in wireless communications
• HTS front-ends systems in 3-G mobile communications
• Superconducting optoelectronics for ultra fast telecommunications
• Cryogenic front-ends for wireless base stations

Digital and analog electronic devices and computing

• Digital superconducting electronics: applications and challenges
• Advanced superconducting devices for high-performance computing
• RSFQ: the fastest digital technology
• Picosecond superconducting single-photon optical detectors
• Low-Tc three terminal devices
• Analog devices for military applications

The evolution of new materials discovery in advancing superconducting electronics

• Materials choices for superconducting electronics
• Superconductivity of MgB2 up to 42 K
• HTS films with controllable HF electromagnetic properties