TERENA Networking Conference 2002: "Networks for Collaboration" (TNC 2002)

Venue: University Concert Hall

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Event Date/Time: Jun 03, 2002 End Date/Time: Jun 06, 2002
Paper Submission Date: Nov 15, 2001
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The international research community was the
first to create and deploy modern computer-based
communication technologies, and to develop and
use networked applications. The first wave of this
development resulted in the sharing of computer
processing power (remote login), computerised
data (file transfer) and interpersonal messages
email). The second wave, which was triggered by
the Web revolution, produced a dramatic improvement
in the sharing of information that is presented
ready for consumption by human beings. The next
wave will propel us into a new dimension where
high-end computer processing power, raw data and
refined information, complex even though they
are distributed all over the world and managed
by many different organisations. And what is
more, all this will be available to the user
anytime anywhere and just like at his own desk.

This new paradigm of networking by and for
collaboration between computer-based resources
and collaboration between human beings requires
new concepts, robust and fast underlying networking
infrastructures, advanced middleware, sophisticated
software technologies and new application models.

The TERENA Networking Conference 2002 will feature
the multiple facets of this third phase of the
computer networking revolution. It will present
the Grid computing concept, which enables the
integrated, collaborative use of high-end computers,
networks, databases and scientific instruments.
The conference will also address the underlying
networking technologies: optical transmission
and switching, convergence to IP, generalised MPLS,
IP version 6, high-speed line and wireless
access. And it will cover the complementary
technologies: distributed databases, authentication
and pro-active security, the peer-to-peer model,
end-to-end quality of service.
Recent advances in middleware will be a main
topic in the conference. Finally, the conference
will discuss the resulting services and benefits
that will be available to users and in
particular researchers and students: security,
mobility, ubiquity and location independence.

The TERENA Networking Conferences are prominent
annual events, offering an opportunity to present
and discuss technical and strategic aspects of
the provision of networks and services to the
research and education community, and the
corresponding research and development activities.
They bring together leading figures from the
research networking community in Europe and
world-wide, and provide a unique opportunity to
learn about the latest developments and plans.

The TERENA Networking Conference 2002 will be
structured around keynote presentations and
invited talks, complemented by presentations of
reviewed papers and panel discussions.


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