Event Date/Time: Dec 03, 2001 End Date/Time: Dec 04, 2001
Registration Date: Dec 03, 2001
Early Registration Date: Oct 31, 2001
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If you want to get the real low-down on where 802.11 is headed - and the profit opportunities it's opening up - then this is an event you must attend

The event will address these key issues:

HOW BIG WILL 802.11 GET? Just where is 802.11 now and how big is it going to be?

COMPETITION: What kind of threat does 802.11 pose for Bluetooth and 3G? Has it got them beaten?

STANDARDS: Which of the seven plus 802.11 standards has the best long-term future? Where are they best used? Which should you be looking at?

TECHNOLOGIES: What's developing at the cutting edge, what's on the way - and what's most important for your own future planning?

MARKETS: Who's using 802.11 now - and how can the technology's reach in the marketplace be extended?

BUILD THE NETWORK: How do you build an 802.11 network that meets consumer and business demands at all levels? What investment will it take?

PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES: Where are they for tech suppliers, vendors, facilitators, ISPs and WISPs? How can they be best exploited?

SECURITY: How are solutions being developed that can put a stop to hacking and outside interference? Is the truly secure wireless LAN network possible?

ROAMING: Can 802.11 become a quasi-mobile technology? How can it be developed?

BILLING: What integrated solutions are being developed to facilitate use access across different networks? Can an industry standard be found?

PLUS unrivalled networking opportunities to meet one-on-one with key industry leader's colleagues and competitors.

In the heart of the tech market in Austin, you are guaranteed the best networking opportunity this year as the executives from all over the U.S. and the world converge on Texas to discuss the future of the industry. We've designed the conference agenda with maximum networking in mind: the coffee breaks, lunches and party will give you the perfect opportunity to network with the key people, strike business deals, and incorporate the best-of-the-best into your network.

Two days of intense panel sessions and speeches from the leading players in the 802.11 field will give you the answers to the questions that matter most:
How do I make more money?
How do I sell my products better?
What technologies enable the best services?

802.11 Conference and Exhibition is brought to you by the First Conferences' technology team, we have over ten years experience organizing world-leading events throughout every sector of industry, from pharmaceuticals to aerospace

5 more reasons to attend:

Purpose This is the only independent, commercial conference on 802.11 technologies. Everyone whose business touches IEEE 802.11 standards and the wider wireless LAN industry will be there.

People You will hear from, learn from and mingle with the leaders and visionaries who have forged this industry from Year Zero. You will learn from the mistakes of others in fully interactive case studies and roundtable discussions. You will take home leading-edge strategic knowledge from the experts, and you will interact with decision-makers, not tire kickers

Profits Face-to-face meetings with industry leaders will lead to new projects, new potentials and new partnerships. Millions of dollars worth of business are at stake

Price The cost of the conference is small compared to the ROI. This is NOT an academic conference but a fully business-oriented event focusing on the here and now

Promise Finally, as if all this were not enough, we offer you a cast-iron guarantee of satisfaction and will refund your money if you're not happy.



Additional Information

eyeforwireless present 802.11 December 3 -4, 2001 The Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center Austin, Texas Prices before October 31, 2001 2-Day Pass: $895.00 - a saving of $100! The fee for the conference includes full documentation, lunch and refreshments as well as all the networking sessions and access to the exhibition 1-Day Pass: $495.00 - a saving of $100! Prices after October 31, 2001 2-Day Pass: $995.00 The fee for the conference includes full documentation, lunch and refreshments as well as all the networking sessions and access to the exhibition 1-Day Pass: $595.00 Team discounts Why not bring your colleagues to 802.11 2001 and qualify for valuable team discounts? Please visit our website: http://www.eyeforwireless.com./regfees.asp For further information.