The Sixth Annual Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series (WW6)

Venue: Atlanta Civic Center

Location: Atlanta, Georgia,

Event Date/Time: Nov 07, 2001 End Date/Time: Nov 07, 2001
Registration Date: Nov 06, 2001
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A storm that will change the world is on its way.
Are you able to adapt to the concerns and opportunities of an ever-changing economic climate? Organizations are in constant need of new strategies, new ideas, and new successes on every level. On November 7, 2001, you'll learn how to face new challenges brewing on the horizon. The sixth annual Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series®, presented in cooperation with FORTUNE® magazine, presents a unique program that will prepare you to not only weather the storm of change on its way, but face it head on with a storm of your own — a storm of leadership, innovation and teamwork!

"The New Leadership Challenge:
Teaming Principles with Practices in a Time of Change."

Everything you need is right here: the proven principles of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Dr. Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence; Dr. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager; Dr. Martha Rogers, author of The One to One Future; Gary Hamel, author of Competing for the Future; and FISH!, based on the remarkable bestseller on how to create a world-class organization.

Also, in just one day, you'll gain special access to two exclusive FORTUNE® executive panels, featuring the world's foremost business leaders — leaders who have already learned the secrets of facing "The New Leadership Challenge" and who are ready to share them with you! The first is a conversation between Dell Computer founder Michael Dell and GE president and chairman elect Jeff Immelt; the second features the CEOs of Tyco International, Ltd., Continental Airlines, and Avon. Both exchanges will feature rare, expert advice from leaders who've not only risen to meet their challenges head on, but succeeded.

Changes are coming. Will you be ready? For years, The Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series has served the world's most invaluable source of cutting-edge organizational strategies, failsafe ideas and revolutionary, innovative solutions to your workplace concerns. Be ready for "The New Leadership Challenge" — join us on November 7. Help us spread the word with your co-workers and associates, and learn how with just one day, you'll thrive for years to come.


Additional Information

Change the way you think, compete and succeed with help from the world's brightest leaders. Why you should attend! This is a once-a-year opportunity to achieve immediate, positive results in your workplace as you and your team: Get ideas you can use from the best of the best, as they take on today's toughest issues - together, on one day only. Gain practical tools for significant improvement in critical areas such as initiative, negotiation skills, customer relationships, and productivity. Recognize your company is not alone in today's uncertain market. Strengthen and renew your energy by seeing how real people in real organizations deal with the ups and downs of business. Become less frustrated, less anxious, less "busy" and more effective, knowing that you're not just doing things right - you're doing the right things! Generate grassroots commitment to a common vision that will produce long-term success. In just one day, you'll learn how to: Stay focused on your primary objectives during economic upheaval. Build and sustain an atmosphere of trust and openness. Keep and inspire your most talented workers during cutbacks. Encourage leadership at every level of your organization. Develop the flexibility and vision to capitalize on opportunities. Master the four basic strategies needed by customer-oriented organizations. Compete in a turbulent global arena. Go beyond managing your business to leading your industry. About the World Wide Lessons in Leadership Series® This unique and compelling one-day event spans closed-circuit locations in more than 150 sites in the U. S. and in 50 other countries. Corporate downlinks are also available to facilitate viewing in the convenience of your own satellite-ready facility. Now in its sixth year, The Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series® is recognized as the source of leading-edge ideas, providing solid answers to our most pressing concerns. It is designed to build leadership qualities in everyone who attends, regardless of job title or organizational level. You and your team will experience innovative thinking on the critical challenges that shape your future, whatever your field. The Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series® has been honored with the prestigious Telly Award and Telecon's "best Direct Broadcast." Insured through Lloyd's of London provided by Seabury and Smith, it continues to be the world's largest satellite training event. What people are saying about the Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series ® "…the program can be applied to every type of company, from the small business owner all the way up to the multi-national conglomerate." -- John A. Biretto II, Business Analyst, Jackson National Life, Lansing MI "Cost effective way to get a lot of people from my organization exposed to the latest thinking and practices in leadership. Excellent program!" -- Ken Marion, Commanding Officer, FACSFAE SD, San Diego, CA "I learned more in one day because of the diversity of viewpoints than I have in years." -- Ann Conetta, Vice President, Computer SI Corp., Norwalk, CT "Fabulous presenters…great concept to make these amazing people available at 'local' sites at a reasonable cost!! I'll be here next year!" -- Betsy Bair, Performance Improvement, The Memorial Hospital, Craig, CO "A large portion of my management staff has been able to attend together and we now have the vision to accomplish a common goal." -- Chuck Borges, Manager, Household Intl., Las Vegas, NV