Event Date/Time: Apr 24, 2002 End Date/Time: Apr 26, 2002
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Business Process Modeling & Analysis is a crucial component of Business Process Improvement (BPI) efforts such as BPR or TQM. It is also a critical but often overlooked activity in new systems development. Transitioning to e-business mandates rigorous business process modeling.

In this seminar, you will learn the skills necessary to lead your team through a breakthrough business process redesign. The training course will cover how to: identify your customers, people's roles and responsibilities; model your current processes using state-of-the-art Use Case and UML business process modeling techniques; understand the current processes through rigorous business process analysis and identify areas for radical improvements; develop new business process alternatives through innovative thinking; embed your organization's knowledge into your new business process. In this training course, you will also learn how to justify your results and map your process models into business and systems requirements.

Process improvement efforts often stall in the implementation stage. During the workshop, you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls, develop a common language with Use Cases and a strong partnership between business and Information Technology (IT) and tightly integrate the business process modeling and the systems development lifecycle.

Currently, there are multitudes of methods and hundreds of tools that claim to support process and knowledge management. In this course, you will learn how to select and evaluate methods and tools that are right for your project and fit your organization's culture.

- Provide a framework for understanding business processes
- Learn how to embed your organization's knowledge into your business processes
- Thorough intro to use cases and object-oriented modeling
- Extensive coverage of process measurements and analysis
- Comprehensive process and knowledge management methods and tools evaluation
- Build a business case for your new processes and gain executive buy-in
- Generate policies and procedures templates from your business process models
- Take home workbook and case studies solutions as reference

Why You Should Attend
This workshop will give you the three essential skills that will help you survive and prosper in today's fast paced work environment:

Business Analysis
- Understand your external and internal customers and identify core processes
- Measure to determine customer satisfaction, bottlenecks, capacity limitations and the costliest parts of your existing processes
- Become a leader in business problem-solving through innovative thinking.

Business Technology
- Learn object-oriented modeling, the method used to model both business processes and the supporting information systems
- Understand today's business process technology enablers including the web, distributed components and workflow and knowledge management tools
- Learn how to integrate business process modeling and the systems development lifecycle.

- Become a better team member by speaking the common language of business and IT
- Learn how to formulate a compelling business case to get top management support.

Who Will Attend
Business and IT Managers, e-Business Analysts and Developers, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, and teams doing BPR, TQM, Continuous Improvement, and/or gathering requirements for new information systems.


Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Moore at (888) 273-8833 or visit us at www.objectknowledge.com