The Commercialization Energy Technologies

Venue: Hilton New York

Location: New York City, New York,

Event Date/Time: Oct 30, 2001
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Energy technology will play a significant role in defining a new era of global energy. However, few organizations or visionaries have been able to weave together the complete energy technology picture in such a way as to illustrate its total global impact. On January 17 to 18, 2002 a meeting of industry and technology leaders will convene in New York City to do just that. CBI's Conference "The Commercialization of Energy Technologies" addresses the full scope of technological changes we expect over the next fifteen years. Special attention will be given to technologies that are commercially available today, and their impact on our traditional energy businesses. In addition to presentations by industry leaders, we will have many informal opportunities to discuss unique and specific industry issues. The purpose of the summit is not merely to educate, but also to provide objective analysis of opportunities for companies, government leaders and investors, to take advantage of what we consider to be the greatest re-allocation of corporate wealth since the industrial revolution. Topics at this conference are comprehensive and speakers and the chairman will ensure that a common thread will tie the issues together, making them relevant to your immediate concerns. The focal point are numerous case studies and market experiences on strategies for corporate venture investing and technologies such as distributed generation, micro turbines, fuel cells, digital power technology as well as wind energy. The role of power reliability and quality, energy services markets and energy management programs are highlighted throughout the conference. I look forward to having you attend the conference.