CI 101, CI 202 and CI 303

Venue: Hilton Gaslamp San Diego

Location: San Diego, California,

Event Date/Time: Dec 05, 2001 End Date/Time: Dec 07, 2001
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CI 101 – Your introduction to CI
This full-day workshop will offer the novice competitive intelligence (CI) professional a comprehensive introduction to CI. The presenters will develop a working definition of CI and discuss CI ethics. Attendees will learn what primary and secondary resources are available and the techniques necessary to access them. They will also learn how to analyze and manage data effectively once it has been collected.

Learning experiences include:
>Understanding the fundamental requirements for beginning CI activity;
>Learning to maintain focus and create intelligence in a corporation;
>Discovering the available primary and secondary research sources and techniques;
>Acquiring an understanding of the marketplace, the competition, and your own company; and
>Developing the ability to manage CI effectively.

Who should attend this course?
>Novice CI professionals, with one year or less of experience; and
>People performing CI as a secondary job function.

CI 202 – Now that you know what CI is, here’s the next step
This workshop will be a follow-up to CI 101. The topics that will be discussed were selected and recommended by past CI 101 attendees. These topics are considered crucial to the continuing success of an internal CI program, whether you’re starting it from scratch or seeking to generate a greater presence in the organization.

Learning experiences include:
>How to use analysis models for creating intelligence;
>How to tap into internal resources for information;
>How to create buy-in at senior levels for CI research to support corporate initiatives;
>How to conduct effective internal interviews;
>How to select the best IT tools for internal use;
>When to go to outside consultants;
>How to develop an external network of experts to feed your needs; and
>How to set up mechanisms to track targets.

Who should attend this course?
>Anyone who has attended CI 101; and
>Anyone who has 1-4 years of CI experience

CI 303 – For the newly experienced CI professional
CI 303 is for newly experienced CI professionals who would like to augment their analytical skills using a case study as a framework for learning. Participants will be expected to review two cases ahead of time and be prepared to present an initial appraisal of each case. One case will focus on the likely strategy and resulting tactics of a company in a service sector industry and the other will focus on a competitive analysis of a company in the manufacturing sector. The participants will be divided into teams of six to eight people. We will use Porter's five forces model to start the analysis of each company, and the objective for each team will be to complete an analysis of the target company and a recommendation to management as to how to compete. NOTE: Participation in CI 303 is limited to 50 attendees.

Prerequisite: Completion of CI 101 and CI 202 prior to August 1, 2001


401 K. Street
San Diego

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