TAsk MOdels and DIAgrams for User Interface Design (TAMODIA 2002)

Venue: Academy of Economical Studies of Bucharest

Location: Bucharest,

Event Date/Time: Jul 18, 2002 End Date/Time: Jul 19, 2002
Paper Submission Date: Nov 30, 2001
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To design user interfaces for interactive computer-based systems, many forms of expression have been used and some new forms are currently being investigated by combining
writing, drawing, sketching, gesture, and multimedia interacting capabilities. It is considered fundamental to capture the essence of the user's tasks to better inform the user interface
design process. Many activities in the development life cycle are concerned by the quality of this capture. This workshop is aimed at examining how multiple forms of task
expressions can significantly increase or decrease the quality of user interface design as a process.

We seek high-quality, original papers that address the theory, design, development, evaluation of ideas, tools, techniques,
methodologies in (but not limited to) the following areas:

Allocation of tasks
Cognitive task models
Derivation of UI from task: systematic processes and methods
Diagrams for task representation: textual, graphic, animation, video
Early requirements for task-based design
Predictive task models
Properties of tasks
Simulation of tasks
Sketching and gesture-based tools for UI design
Software engineering models and techniques applied for task-based design: data-flow diagrams, dynamics diagrams, Petri
nets, semantic nets, statecharts, static diagrams, state-transition diagrams, UML models,…
Task analysis
Task-based design
Task models: analytic and empirical modeling
User affordance
User interfaces for very complex or exceptional tasks
User-task elicitation
Visual programming
Visualization of models involved in UI design process