Venue: Queen\'s College

Location: Oxford,

Event Date/Time: Sep 08, 2002 End Date/Time: Sep 13, 2002
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Confirmed Speakers (as of 14 November 2001):

 Varinder K Aggarwal, Bristol, UK
High Atom Economy in Conversion of Carbonyl Compounds into Epoxides through Asymmetric Catalysis
 John Ashby, Syngenta Central Toxicology Laboratory, UK
Designing out Carcinogenicity, Endocrine Disrupting Properties and Biopersistence in New Organic Chemicals
 David E Bergbreiter, Texas A&M, College Station, TX, USA
Biphasic Recovery of Reusable Stable Catalysts
 Alak Bhattacharyya, BP Research and Technology, Naperville, USA
Clay-Derived Catalysts for Refinery SOx Abatement
 Joan F Brennecke, Notre Dame, IN, USA
Thermodynamics of Gas Separations with Ionic Liquids
 Erick M Carreira, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Studies in Practical Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis
 David J Cole-Hamilton & Paul B Webb*, St Andrews, UK
Continuous Flow Homogeneous Catalysis-A Totally Emissionless Process
 Terry J Collins, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Catalytic Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide for Green Chemical Processes
 Avelino Corma, Valencia, Spain
Solid Bases as Catalysts
 Robert H Crabtree, Yale, New Haven, CT, USA
Carbene Complexes and Homogeneous Catalysis
 Scott E Denmark, Urbana, IL, USA
Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies on Silicon-based Cross-coupling Reactions
 Pierre H Dixneuf, Rennes, France
Ruthenium Catalysis for Clean Processes and Atom Economy
 Kurt Faber, Graz, Austria
Biocatalytic Transformation of Racemates into Single Stereoisomeric Products-A Farewell To Unwanted Isomers
 Ben L Feringa, Groningen, The Netherlands
Asymmetric Catalysis based on Monodentate Ligands
 Christopher Fisher, Pharmacia, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Global Analysis of Gene Expression in a Human Tissue Engineered in vitro
 John A Gladysz, Erlangen, Germany
Fluorous Chemistry without Fluorous Solvents
 Thomas M Klapötke, München, Germany
Environmentally Friendly High Energy Density Materials: Research for Science and Military-A Past to Build a Future On
 Chao-Jun Li, Tulane, New Orleans, LA, USA
Greening of Carbanion Chemistry
 Ronny Neumann, Weizmann, Rehovot, Israel
Activation of Benign Oxidants by Polyoxometalates-New Prospects for Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
 Martyn Poliakoff, Nottingham, UK
Understanding and Implementing Green Chemical Processes-An Interdisciplinary Challenge
 Colin L Raston, Leeds, UK
Towards Benign Synthesis of Oligopyridyls
 Janet L Scott, Monash, Australia
Solvent-free Reactions-Phase Changes and Thermodynamics
 Roger A Sheldon, Delft, The Netherlands
Green Catalytic Oxidations with Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide
 Patrick G Steel, Durham, UK
Polymer Supported Synthesis and Catalysis
 James D White, Corvallis, OR, USA
Tandem And Consecutive Reactions in Synthesis-Their Contribution to Synthetic Economy
 Andrew Whiting, Durham, UK
Greener Chemistry through New Catalytic Processes and New Materials
 Peter G Wuts, Pharmacia, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Green Chemical Approaches to Pharmaceuticals


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Attendance is by application: see http://www.grc.uri.edu/scripts/dbml.exe?Template=/Application/apply2.dbm&Yr=2002&Code=0000358