Event Date/Time: Apr 11, 2002 End Date/Time: Apr 11, 2002
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Water activity is important in determining the use-by date and for ensuring the quality of baked products during their shelf-life. Delegates will learn about the application of the principles of water activity.

Calculation methods will be explained and practical examples given. The workshop is intended for all involved in developing new or enhancing existing baked products or supporting ingredient applications.

Workshop content:-

Explanation of water activity and equilibrium relative humidity.
Factors controlling ERH.
The importance of water activity in shelf life.
The influence of ingredients on water activity and product shelf life.
Sucrose concentration and sucrose equivalence and their methods of calculation.
Product spoilage.
Moisture migration in composite products.
Methods for extending shelf-life by recipe manipulation, including the use of mould inhibitors and by packaging changes.
The use of CCFRA ERH CALC system for calculating ERH and predicting mould-free shelf life.


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