2002 IEEE Symposia on Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments (HCC'02)

Venue: Arlington, VA

Location: Arlington, VA, Virginia,

Event Date/Time: Sep 03, 2002 End Date/Time: Sep 06, 2002
Paper Submission Date: Mar 03, 2002
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HCC'02 is the only international conference focused on languages and environments used by people. Some of these people are end users, some are professional programmers, some are software engineers, and some are children. The mission of the conference series is:

Design, formalization, implementation, and evaluation of computing languages that are easier to learn, easier to use, and easier to understand by a broader group of people.

This includes all research aimed at the above mission, regardless of whether they use entirely visual technology, text, or instead use sound, taste, virtual reality, the web, or any other technologies. Examples of research addressing this problem include but are not limited to language/environmental design aspects, theory that supports the many media used toward this goal, implementation aspects, empirical work, software comprehension aspects (including software visualization), and software modeling and/or software engineering aspects.

This year there will be 3 individual symposia comprising this 2002 IEEE Symposia on Human-Centric Computing Languages and Environments. The symposia will be co-located and will partially overlap in schedule, including several shared events and talks. These symposia are:

See the individual symposia web pages for topics of interest to each.