Innovation in Crystal Engineering (CECD1) (CECD1)

Venue: University of Bristol

Location: Bristol, -

Event Date/Time: Dec 19, 2001
Abstract Submission Date: Oct 01, 2001
Paper Submission Date: Oct 01, 2001
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Crystal engineering is a flourishing field of research in modern chemistry, practised by scientists with interests in the modelling, design, synthesis and applications of crystalline solids with predefined and predesired aggregation of molecules and ions. Although the subject is more than thirty years old, it has evolved considerably in recent times towards the interface between the supramolecular and solid state sciences. In this sense, it lies at the intersection of the top down and bottom up approaches towards materials design and fabrication. Crystal engineering is, therefore, highly interdisciplinary and attracts contributions from many traditional areas: organic chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, theoretical chemistry and crystallography. An ever-increasing number of scientists are directing their attention towards crystal engineering both as a means of developing sophisticated devices, and to learn how to control self-assembly and molecular recognition. Implicit in all this is an attempt to understand fundamental issues of nucleation and crystal growth.

The Discussion will cover the fundamental aspects of crystal engineering