Valuation and Ownership Transition (VAL/OT)

Venue: TBD

Location: Orlando, Florida,

Event Date/Time: Feb 12, 2002 End Date/Time: Feb 12, 2002
Early Registration Date: Jan 23, 2002
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A comprehensive ownership transition plan minimizes the risks and uncertainty of the future, while creating a more effective, more confident firm. It is every bit as important to a firm's overall health as strategic business planning, marketing planning, and all other aspects of firm management.

Cashing out. You'll learn about the options for owners when they're ready to cash out. We'll show you how an ownership transition plan can provide you with the best options when it is time for ownership transition. We'll examine different forms of internal (to the firm's employees) and external (to an outside buyer) transitions.

Value determination. You'll see how value is determined design and construction firms and what your firm's value can do for you and the firm. This seminar will show you how the value on your investment in the firm is determined. With a good ownership transition plan, owners gain greater confidence that the risks they've taken, the effort they've expended, and the time they've spent building the firm's value will yield a financial reward.

Stock distribution and valuation. You'll get practical advice on how to make your firm's stock an attractive investment for current and future owners. We'll explain how to establish a process and a valuation formula by which ownership can be distributed to selected employees. This can also motivate younger employees to ensure that the firm succeeds so they can eventually share in the rewards.

Insurance for the future. You'll find out how to ensure your firm's future. No matter what your goals are for the future of the firm, this seminar will show you the best way to achieve it. Whether the objective is to have the firm continue on unchanged, for it to change significantly while remaining autonomous, or for it to become part of another entity, we'll illustrate the best methods to ensure the health and well being of the company and its employees.


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-Plan for a secure for your firm and your family -Know and understand the value of your firm -Establish and understand the options available to you