ALDO 03- International Symposium on Aldosterone (ALDO 03)

Venue: The Royal Society

Location: London, -

Event Date/Time: Jan 03, 2002
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This international symposium is being held in 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of the discovery of aldosterone, unquestionably a major triumph of the 1950s. The discovery exemplified the interdisciplinary approach that modern science aspires to today, with interactions and collaboration between Medical School departments, research institutes, and the pharmaceutical industry, utilising multidisciplinary approaches and characterised by superb technology transfer. It stimulated the flowering of basic science and clinical research work, focused on the role of aldosterone in sodium metabolism and hypertension, that has lasted for 50 years.
In the 21st Century, research in aldosterone is undergoing a remarkable renaissance. There is increased clinical recognition of inappropriate aldosterone production in a higher proportion of essential hypertensives than was previously recognised. Recent clinical trials have demonstrated an important critical role for aldosterone in cardiovascular disease, especially heart failure, not only attributable to its secretion by the adrenal cortex, but also to its synthesis as a paracrine agent by the heart and the vasculature itself. Additionally, the discovery that some of its actions are mediated by non-genomic means, through the actions of membrane located receptors, offers huge opportunities both for research and for novel therapies

The meeting will be held on 28-30 April 2003, at the Royal Society, London UK.