The Colour Delivery Challenge II

Venue: University of Leeds

Location: Leeds,

Event Date/Time: Apr 17, 2002 End Date/Time: Apr 18, 2002
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Colour is a remarkable phenomena or sensation. It can only be understood in terms that are both subjective and objective, reflecting the state of the beholder and the external object respectively. Humans can discern several million shades and this no doubt reflects the evolutionary advantages of colour vision in hunter-gathering activities. Today colour retains a prime role in providing information and enriching our lives through its aesthetic possibilities. Colour is an important marketing tool in all types of paint including buildings and cars, and in the fashionable and decorative aspects of fabrics and textiles. Colour printing and packaging present different challenges in reproducing colour. Although colour can be defined in terms like hue, saturation and brightness there are subtle interactions with other aspects of appearance that challenge colour order systems and the means of quantifying a colour difference. Moreover describing and measuring colour is just the start of a complicated process for delivery the required colour effect to the point of sale. Colour Delivery is an essential core competence for a wide range of industries with similarities and differences between paint, ink, printing and textiles. This seminar will provide a forum for cross fertilisation between different industries and between commercial and academic aspects of colour delivery.