In Progress? An Interdisciplinary, Postgraduate Conference (In Progress?)

Venue: Brisbane

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Event Date/Time: Oct 04, 2002 End Date/Time: Oct 06, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: Jun 30, 2002
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Progress not only implies a future: it assumes a past. If we are going somewhere, it is because we have already been somewhere else, and caught between the origin and the telos, we must not only look to what is to come, but make sense of what is behind.

As postgraduates and researchers, much of what we do can be called a "work in progress": whether it is the unfinished thesis, the multiplying research interests, or the increasingly distant jobs to which we aspire. The acquisition of knowledge is not a short apprenticeship, characterised by something called "research training" but a process that lasts for a lifetime, leading in directions that can be unexpected at the outset.

And it is not only in our academic work, but also in our social lives, our relationships, and our recreation, that we want to make progress. So we talk about "progressive politics"; "progressive taxation systems"; "progressive rock music". We want to progress the cause, and not stand in the way of progress. Small towns have "Progress Associations", and police lament their inability to progress the investigation.

Then of course there are the myths of progress: social Darwinism and excelsior evolution; technophilic triumphantism; and the imperative of economic growth. And let's not forget what we tell our supervisors in our annual progress reports.

WIP 2002 will be on the theme of progress in all its ambiguous senses. The call for papers closes at the end of July 2002. Follow the links for details about keynote speakers and special panels, or subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date.


University of Queensland