Making an Appearance: An International Conference on Fashion, Dress and Consumption (Fashion Conference 2)

Venue: University of Queensland St Lucia

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Event Date/Time: Jul 10, 2003 End Date/Time: Jul 12, 2003
Registration Date: Jul 08, 2003
Early Registration Date: Mar 30, 2003
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MAKING AN APPEARANCE: Fashion, Dress and Consumption

International Conference July 2003
Hosted by the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland

Convenors: Dr. Margaret Maynard, The University of Queensland
Dr. Morris Low The University of Queensland
Dr. Chi-Kong Lai The University of Queensland
Dr. Elizabeth Ferrier The University of Queensland

Adjunct Convenors: Dr. Lynne Hume The University of Queensland
Ms. Bonnie English Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

Arts Liaison: Ms. Kath Kerswell Queensland College of Art, Griffith University

In recent years fashion and dress studies have undergone dramatic disciplinary transformation. Anthropologists, sociologists, and theorists of consumption have shifted the subject from costume history to the position that it now occupies at the heart of social, political and cultural studies. This conference hosted by the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies brings together scholars, as well as industry practitioners, journalists and local designers, to debate the latest thinking on fashion, identity, the body and consumption. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with the ways dress is now central to much theorising about gender, culture and race. The conference will be the first opportunity in an Australian university for those interested in fashion to discuss and critique its current place, meanings and indeed its future. The broad intention is to foster meaningful dialogue between the academy and industry so that both may benefit from the association.

The conference will take place over four days, focussing on the following themes:
 Day One - Fashion, Consumption and Identity
 Day Two – Fashion Today
 Day Three – The Fashion Industry

Day four is set aside for visits to local Brisbane art galleries and museums. We hope that galleries will show case local examples of dress and textiles including items by indigenous designers, extending perhaps more widely to art installations involving clothing.

On each of the first three days, a panel discussion on topical issues will be held. Conference attendees, including students will have the unique opportunity to listen to discussion between academics, journalists and fashion industry practitioners, and participate in the ensuing debate. These will cover the following topics:
 Day One – Clothing for Stage and Screen
 Day Two - Meet the Designer
 Day Three - What is Fashion’s Future?

The venue for the conference will be The University of Queensland, St Lucia, with some sessions at the new facilities of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University at Brisbane’s South Bank. Co-operation and sponsorship is also being sought from the QUT.

Two of the Keynote Speakers will include:
Elizabeth Wilson (University of North London UK)
Valerie Steele (The Museum, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY and Editor of Fashion Theory).

Areas Identified for Conference Papers
 The Mainstream Fashion Industry
 The Sociology of Fashion
 Dress and Religion
 Fashion, Leisure and Tourism
 Jewellery and Fashion
 Fashion, Clothes and Aesthetics
 Fashion as Representation – body image
 The Fashion Industry – The Cutting Edge
 Fashion and Gender
 Bodily Adornment and Modification
 Dress and the Dramatic
 Hairstyles – East and West
 Fashion and Tradition
 Indigeneity and Dress
 Resources for Fashion Research
 Fashion, Globalisation and Identity
 Cinema and Dress
 Dress, Ethnicity and Culture
 Fashion and Sport
 Dress and Sexuality.
 The Future of Fashion
 Dress – Transgression and Uniformity
 Fashion and Museology
 Fashion and Textiles
 Fashion and ‘Affect’
 Dress and Anthropology
 Fashion and Urban Life
 Transgressive Clothing
 Fashion and Sociology
 Writing about Fashion - Journalism
 Brands and Endorsement
 Cosmetics and the Body
 Fashion and Food
 Fashion and Tradition
 Fashion and Music
 Retro Fashion and Recycling
 Fashion and the Cultural ‘Turn’
 Catwalk Fashions
 Fashion and Technology
 Fashion and Education
 Fashion Photography
 Marketing Fashion
 Fashion’s Hidden Industry
 Fashion as Autobiography
 Customisation and the Internet
 Fashion forecasting


University of Queensland St Lucia Campus, Brisbane Australia

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