International Winter Construction Symposium and Expo (IWCSE)

Venue: Shaw Conference Centre

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Event Date/Time: Nov 03, 2002 End Date/Time: Nov 05, 2002
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Cold weather regions around the world are faced with climates hostile to effective and productive management, design and construction. In Alberta, the impact of this is felt by every industry sector from oil & gas, mining and transportation to power generation, manufacturing and forestry. The IWCSE will focus on the use of cold weather technologies that will maximize constructability during cold weather, thereby minimizing peak demands on construction resources. This conference will showcase national and international expertise and knowledge while at the same time provide a venue for the presentation of academic research from global sources.

The Symposium will feature academic papers and technical presentations focusing on problems and solutions associated with design and construction in cold weather climates. The Expo portion of the IWCSE is targeted to design firms, engineering companies, construction contractors and equipment/materials suppliers with products that will maximize constructability in the face of adverse climatic conditions. Owners of facilities, both public and private, engineering companies, and contractors will benefit from attending this event by learning how tools, techniques and technologies can be applied to minimize the impact of cold weather on construction activity, allowing funds to be allocated more effectively.


9797 Jasper Avenue