A Gathering of Eagles the Heart of the Heart Conferences (SedonaCHC)

Venue: Poco Diablo Inn - Radisson

Location: Sedona, Arizona, -

Event Date/Time: Feb 14, 2002
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The High Concept of Celestial Heart Conferences is to provide an eclectic environment to all people, of all cultures and religious/Spiritual backgrounds without prejudice. To promote the Spiritual nature of humanity through the process of promoting the most renowned leaders in the humanities and ecological fields. ... "to embrace the Spiritual side of life by bringing forth knowledge of celestial wisdom to the men and women of the Earth Mother."

?The mission, for those who choose to accept it, is to embark in uncharted and unfettered territory ?? Blue Star.
Cause + Effect = Spirituality

The Spirit setup and manifest of CHC is to bring forth information relevant to the spiritual growth and evolvement of all those involved who resonate to the ?Spiritual Paradyme?

The biggest problem known to mankind at this time, is finding the solution to the problem.

Participating attendees; groups; organizations; clubs; media; and other networks whose concepts resonate,
composed of the most spiritual visions, visionaries and the milieu of the transformational paradigm presented by the Most learned teachers and shaman from all of the cultures of this planet, the Earth Star.

Please let it be known regarding our political and religious endorsements, affiliations, or prejudices, for we have none, and do not endorse, associate, sympathize or discriminate against any other?s belief system, other than Spirits.