Mixture Design for Optimal Formulations (May 14-16) ((MIX))

Venue: Stat-Ease Training Facility

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Event Date/Time: Mar 06, 2002
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In this computer-intensive workshop, participants learn how to use mixture designs to develop statistical models of product performance and then response surface methods to identify the "sweet spot" where all specifications can be met. Students will: set up simplex designs, select appropriate mixture models, generate contour plots in triangular space, design for constrained mixture variables, optimize product formulas, screen mixture components and study mixture and process variables. For more information contact Stat-Ease at p: 612-378-9449, f: 612-378-2152 or www.statease.com


Additional Information

Cost per student: $1295 (price includes $95 materials fee, subject to state and local taxes).