Event Date/Time: May 02, 2002 End Date/Time: May 03, 2002
Registration Date: May 02, 2002
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This "nuts and bolts," practical workshop teaches participants to Design & manage market research projects, Utilize correct sampling techniques, Obtain high response rates in excess of 90% to mail or telephone surveys, Construct high-quality mail, telephone, and web questionnaires, Write questions that provide accurate data for decision making, Choose appropriate data collection methods, and Use resources wisely. These two-day workshops are intensive learning experiences with active participant involvement, taught by experts with academic credentials and more than 28 years of market research experience. You will learn: The 29 most common errors made in question phrasing; How to write reliable questions; How to write valid questions; Rating vs. ranking; Using appropriate response scales; Designing pretests that ensure project success; Using open-ended and closed questions appropriately; How to obtain response rates of 90% or better; Measuring the influence of non-response; The 9 essentials of effective pre-letters; Why increasing sample size does not solve the non-response problem; Making follow-up reminders work for you; The 12 essentials of effective cover letters; Using incentives to increase response rate; How to determine sample size; Population definition; Types of samples; Minimizing sampling error; Improving the quality of responses with better question formats; Designing questionnaire layouts that make data analysis easier; Differences between web/e-mail, mail, and interview formats; Deciding how many response options to include; Formats that avoid response bias; Designing effective studies; Qualitative vs. Quantitative; How to write decision-based questionnaires; The 6-phase approach to successful research; Using demographic questions wisely; Asking the right questions, How to meet project deadlines; Determining who has the information you need; Using confidentiality/anonymity to your advantage; Avoid the 10 types of survey error; Total survey system approach to reducing costs; Advantages of mail, telephone, e-mail, web, and fax surveys; Staying within budget; Designing cost-effective surveys; Sampling techniques that save you money.


9840 International Drive
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Workshop is from 8:30am - 4:30pm both days. Cost is $750, tax deductible. Group discount on 3 or more: 1st & 2nd person regular price, each additional person $100 off. Workshop is also available for on-site presentation.