Doing Business and Working Together: Americans & Germans

Venue: Marriott Dearborn Inn Hotel

Location: Dearborn, Michigan, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 26, 2002 End Date/Time: Jun 27, 2002
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Do you and your colleagues or employees do business and work together with Americans and/or Germans?
Do you need to know how to
cope with different business practices
fulfill their expectations of you, as the
manager, seller or customer?
build, manage and motivate mixed teams
for success?
deal with difficulties in communicating
with headquarters in Munich?
manage your employees at your Detroit
effectively present and sell your product
or concept?
How tolerant are you of other ways of doing business? A recent report in Newsweek described DaimlerChrysler employees who can now cope better with the differences between American and German business and working practices, after their intercultural training seminars.
Did you know that current figures of up to 60% failure rates have been identified for international ventures? And they didn’t fail because of a lack of technical knowledge or financial obstacles; what led to the breakdown was repeated miscommunica-tion between players from different cultures.
And it’s not a language problem! Most Germans working with Americans speak English well enough to promote their product or concept. It’s those hidden differences in business practices and communication styles.
Do you sometimes ask yourself:
What do they mean when they say,
„No problem“?
 Why does the American say everything
is „great“?
 Why is my American customer sending
me all these emails?
Why is my German partner so inflexible
when it comes to changes?
Why is this German so slow in response?
When will we start achieving some results?

These are just a few of the many comments we’ve heard repeatedly in our seminars. Your comments and your experience and questions build the basis for this seminar, to help you communicate more effectively to achieve success in your business ventures and transactions with Americans or Germans.
Over 400 participants, just in 2001, found the answers to their questions at one of our most popular seminars. This 2-day seminar, designed for mixed groups, helps business people recognize the hidden cultural obstacles and understand each other better, in order to communicate successfully, learn to work together and build solid partnerships.


20301 Oakwood Boulevard
United States

Additional Information

Each seminar day costs US$690 per person per day. The following services are included: Attendance of the two-day seminar, complete seminar documentation, two (2) full 3-course meals (lunch on each seminar day) and all coffee breaks. Hotel accommodations are not included. All course fees are due before the start of the program. Often seminars are filled early and space is confirmed in the order which registrations arrive.