The Strategic Role of Human Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions

Venue: Allerton Crowne Plaza

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Event Date/Time: Jun 24, 2002 End Date/Time: Jun 26, 2002
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The Strategic Role of Human Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions
Maximizing HR’s Value in the M&A Process

June 24-26, 2002 * Crowne Plaza Union Square * San Francisco, CA

The impact of a merger on the workforce is enormous, and the ultimate success - or failure - of each transaction often hinges on issues that only Human Resources is equipped to handle. Leading organizations know that the success of any merger or acquisition effort depends on the strategic role that Human Resources plays from the very beginning of the process - starting with due diligence & risk assessment and ending with the transition & integration of the different corporate cultures, systems and policies.


This conference will address how forward-thinking organizations are engaging Human Resources as a key partner during the M&A process, addressing and managing employee issues including cultural assessment, compensation & benefits, retaining key employees, internal communications and much more! Specifically, you will learn how:

· SRA International positions HR as an integral part of the M&A process
· Intel Corporation highlights the importance of speed, quality & flexibility during M&A
· SAIC addresses unique cultural challenges outside the US
· Sun Microsystems demonstrates the value of having a dedicated integration team
· Georgia Pacific Corporation relies on creative communication techniques during the M&A process

You will hear from the experts how to:
+ Maximize HR’s value throughout the M&A process
+ Develop a communication plan that focuses on employee issues
+ Assess cultural fit before M&A and integrate a newly merged culture
+ Determine the due diligence process for Human Resources
+ Manage change and transition throughout the M&A process
+ Establish a specialized merger integration team
+ Retain key employees during the M&A process
+ Create systematic objectives & guidelines for a successful merger or acquisition

Don’t Miss the 4 Interactive, In-depth Workshops
+ How Internal Communications Drives Merger Success
+ Combining Organizations Successfully: A Systematic Model for HR Leaders
+ What’s Culture Got To Do With It? Achieving Meaningful Cultural Due Diligence and Integration
+ Bridging the Cultural Differences: How to Identify, Transition and Keep the Right People


This conference was researched and developed for Vice Presidents, Directors, and Managers from the following areas:

+ Human Resources
+ Mergers & Acquisitions
+ Organizational Development
+ Human Resources Planning & Development
+ Training & Development
+ Compensation & Benefits
+ Organization Effectiveness
+ Internal Communications
+ Strategic Planning
+ Employee Services
+ Employee Relations

Act now! Attend The Strategic Role of Human Resources in Mergers & Acquisitions and find out how to be a key contributor to your organization throughout the entire M&A process!

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