Event Date/Time: Aug 25, 2002 End Date/Time: Aug 30, 2002
Registration Date: Aug 30, 2002
Early Registration Date: May 25, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: May 25, 2002
Paper Submission Date: May 25, 2002
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Nano-electronics and nano-biology
Nano-material, nano-fabrication, and nano-measurement
Nano-structures, nano-devices, and nano-circuits
Nano-actuator and nano-sensing
Integrated nanolelectronics
Novel structures for sub-50 nm MOSFETs
Quantum mechanical effects in nanodevices
Nanoscale device modeling and simulation
Chemical phenomena in the design of nanocircuits
Advanced physics in nanoelectronics analysis and synthesis
Hybrid micro-nanoelectronic logic
Commercial integrated nano-circuits
Quantum-dot cells
Quantum wire and quantum well
Quantum dot, quantum ring, and quantum molecule
Optoelectronics and Resonant Tunneling Devices (RTDs)
Spin effects for semiconductor nanostructures
Quantum computing and control
Bio-medical science
Biotechnologies in the design of nanocircuits
Wireless cellular automata
Functioning molecular wires
Molecular electronics
Molecular manufacturing
Molecular electronic devices
Molecular switches
Molecular electronic memory technology
DNA computing
Nanocomputing - Nanocomputers
Bio-computing and Bio-computers
Molecular computing - Molecular computers
Computational biology, chemistry, material, and nanoscience
Computational micro- and nano-electronics
Particle and atomistic simulation methods for nanoelectronics
Parallel computing for nanoelectronics and nanotechnology simulation
Optimization, computational intelligence, numerical methods, and algorithms