Event Date/Time: Jun 12, 2002 End Date/Time: Jun 14, 2002
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This event will include:
* Increase productivity by deploying mobile government solutions
* Deploy wireless technologies in homeland defense scenarios and to form emergency communications systems
* Achieve the flexibility government workers require to stay productive and connected while on the road
* Utilize wireless communicatin technology on the front lines of emergency preparedness and disaster response
* Assess wireless business and technology issues and solutions
* Make the business case for going wireless
* Support public safety organizations, firefighters and law enforcement with wireless communications
* Offer more efficient and cost-effective government
* Give citizens wireless access to government data and services
* Allow government users to conduct electronic business whenever and whenever they want
* And much more...

Conference Program
Featuring in-depth case studies and practical examples of public agencies who are implementing wireless solutions today, including

IBM Corporation
Virginia Information Providers
Association Of Public-Safety Communication Officials (APCO)& Emergency Communications Department, City & County of San Francisco
Connecticut Policy And Economic Council (CPEC)
City of Des Moines
Aether Systems, Mobile Government Division
Sequelle, Inc
Palm, Inc
Comcare Alliance
Telecommunications Systems Inc
Locationet, Inc
Sierra Wireless
Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN)
Conference Audience

IT Directors, Managers, Specialists, Agency Executives, Chief Information Officers, Program Managers, Analysts, Programmers, Procurement Officials, Administrators and elected officials of e-government and e-commerce, including:
* First Responders To Large-Scale Disaster Or Attack
* State Government Agencies
* Local Government Agencies
* Law Enforcement
* Federal Government Agencies
* Emergency Medical Personnel
* Firefighters


Additional Information

Government Agencies: $450 Non-Government Agencies: $1420 Workshop & Documentation Packet included in both packages.