Max Mckeown (UNSHRINK2002)

Venue: London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: May 01, 2002
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This time its all about life, community, and customers. Spend a full day with Max Mckeown as he explains how to getting a life will help you to build relationships with evolved customers.

Referred to as "a cross between buddha and bill gates", denim clad, 6' 3", 200lb, Max Mckeown, is a different kind of business thinker. He has mixed realism with radical thinking in all his books. Especially the latest, Unshrink, which asks:

Have you ever felt ignored, put down, deflated, squashed or stupid? You’re in the majority. And chances are that feeling was a result of the actions of your manager, your company, or ‘the system’. You’ve been shrunk – by your beliefs, or those of others.

Unshrink 2002 challenges these beliefs and their basis: the unspoken myths that shrink us. The myths of management, business and society that tell us we are what we do, that work is more important than life, that capital creates value, that people obey orders, that all change is good, that companies are machines and that economies are systems.
Unshrink establishes new principles. These say that we are not what we do but what we can become, that work does not come first it only serves life, that we are all human, that only good change is good, and that organisations and the world comprise communities and not machines.

What’s more, Unshrink 2002 shows that a shift towards decency is good for business – demonstrating the link between between happy employees, satisfied customers, profitable companies and healthy societies.

Unshrink offers us all a new way of being, and of succeeding. It contains ideas for the individual, for the manager, for the company, and for our world. But it is not a self-help book. It is a message. People are not resources. We are not a means to an end. It doesn’t have to be this way ….

If you like life, manage people, or you work with customers this is for you! People in call centres, sales, service, consultancy and design will all find something of value here.

Max has been on a seats of his pants tour of the world to examine why people buy and why they don't buy. His findings have been published in his books, "Why They Don't Buy" and "E-Customer". He has been elected to the 'customer service hall of fame', nominated as 'CRM Champion' and voted as 'one of the rising stars' of human resources.

When you listen to Max, he will explain that as humans become more technological, technology MUST become more human. You will hear about how excellence still costs less than mediocrity and how the evolved customer belongs only to him or herself.

He will take you through a five step process to creating an experience from which customers will buy. He will use case studies and examples from his latest book to explain how community and human empathy offer the sanest route to profit, a full nights sleep, and customer friendships.

His message, as ever, weaves pop culture, technology, management science, and the wisdom of ages into a cloth of startling strength and colour. Be inspired.

This exclusive opportunity is on a first-come-first served basis. Just email or phone to book your place.

This conference is an opportunity to learn about the very best of leading edge thinking. Your investment in time will be more than repaid for the verve, the insights, and if even one of Max's ideas can be applied in your organisation or in your life.