Event Date/Time: May 12, 2002
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This two-day workshop-successfully delivered for years-has become known as "The Incredible Sales Workshop because of the raving successes of more than 40,000 attendees from corporations and companies from around the world.
Dealing with customers on a daily basis is not easy and a salesperson can develop counter-productive routines and habits when dealing with customers.

An example of such a routine or habit is the lack of an ability to listen. Instead, the salesperson talks-too much. Customer objections are treated by the salesperson as an invitation to talk. While this may make him look interesting, his is certainly not interested. This lack of two-way participation at the closing stage can trap a salesperson to the extent that he talks himself right out of the sale.

There is nothing "wrong" with the salesperson; he just wants to service the customer by giving him all the important information and data about the product. But why doesn't that always work? What happens exactly in the mind of a customer when asked to buy?

That is what needs to be fully understood in order to get results.

So what is the key to success? Definitely not reactions from the salesperson, but listening skills-followed by the right actions. For sales success, learn all about it and drill so you can actually apply it on this "Incredible Workshop".


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Price: $495.00 per person Registration Info: You can sign up by calling 888-812-4224 or apply online http://www.hubbardcollege.org/programs/workshops_sales.html Corporate programs available call 888-812-4224