1st International Drug Discovery & Development Summit, December 2-5, 2002 (DDDS Summit 2002)

Venue: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Event Date/Time: Dec 02, 2002 End Date/Time: Dec 05, 2002
Registration Date: Dec 02, 2002
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The Institute for Scientific Exchange, Inc. cordially invites you to attend:

1st International Drug Discovery and Development Summit: From Lead to Drug in Five Years

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

December 2nd - 5th 2002

Symposium Venue: Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort

The following institutions are represented: Pharmacia, Eos Biotechnology, RW Johnson PRI, In Vitro Technologies, Inc., Purdue Pharma LP, University of Tokyo, Merck & Co. Inc., Keio University, Nippon Roche Research Center, Hokkaido University, Novartis Pharma K.K., US FDA, Pfizer Global R&D, University of Dundee, Schering-Plough, Bristol-Myers Squibb, CBAMS Ltd., Wyeth Research, RW Johnson PRD, Hoffmann-LaRoche, HepaTox Consulting, University of Basel.

Session I: Accurate Lead Selection:

A. Virtual Screening:

· Integration of Predictive ADME and Toxicity Modeling into High Throughput Screening to Support Drug

· New Approaches for Predictive Toxicology

B. Biological Screening for Human Drug Properties:

· Critical Evaluation of the Use of In Vitro Human Liver Systems in the Prediction of Human Drug Metabolism, Drug Toxicity, and Drug-Drug Interaction Potential

· A Critical Evaluation of In Vitro Toxicology/Metabolism Tests Used for Prioritizing Novel Therapeutic Agents and a Proposal for a New Approach

· Bridging the Gap Between Drug Discovery and Development: ADMET Properties, Mechanistic Studies and Biomarkers

· Accurate Lead Selection: Biological Screening for Human Drug Properties

· Screening Systems for Drug Transporters in the Liver, Kidney and Brain

· Panel discussion: Virtual and in vitro approaches for the selection of drug candidates

C. Selection Based on Physical Chemical Properties:

· Poor Aqueous Solubility: A Major Problem in Oral Drug Absorption

D. Omics: Expression Genomics; Current Practice of Toxicogenomics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

· Safety Assessment in the Early Stage of Drug Discovery: From Lead Selection/Optimization to Candidate Selection

· The Role of Drug Evaluation in Accelerating Discovery-Development Transitions

Session II: Acceleration of Preclinical Studies:

E. Selection of Relevant Animal Species for Preclinical Studies:

· Selection of Relevant Animal Species to Support and Accelerate Non-clinical Toxicology

· Panel Discussion: Approaches to predict human drug safety

F. Acceleration of Carcinogenicity and Toxicity Bioassays Using Transgenic Animals

· Strategic Utilization of Genetically Altered Models as Replacement for the lifetime Mouse Cancer Bioassay in the Drug Industry

· Development of Transgenic Mouse to Predict Human Fetal Toxicity of Chemicals

· Animal Models of Human Disease in Drug Safety Assessment

· Application of transgenic approaches to accelerate ADME and toxicology studies

G. Acceleration of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics:

· The Development and Implementation of Bioanalytical Strategies to Support ADME Studies in Early Drug Discovery.

· The New Preclinical Paradigms in Drug Discovery: Have these paradigms improved the success rate of drug candidates entering development

· Taking Drugs from Laboratory Bench to the Clinic in Six Months Using Nanotechnology

· Panel discussion: Can transgenic animal carcinogenicity assays replace two-year bioassay for rodent carcinogenicity?

Session III: Acceleration of Clinical Studies:

H. Biomarkers for Human Toxicity in Clinical Studies

· Business Strategy for Biomarker Development and Applications in Drug Development.

· Application of Interspecies Biomarkers to Bridge Nonclinical Safety Evaluations to Clinical Drug Development

· Biochemical and Molecular Biomarkers of Toxicity: Applications and Limitations in Human Clinical

I. Optimization of Clinical Study Design Based on Preclinical Data:

· Preclinical-to-clinical PK/PD Bridging in Development

· Panel Discussion: The reality of using early biomarkers for toxicity assessment in human clinical trials

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Poster Presentations are always encouraged. Please submit your poster abstract for approval by the organizing board. Submit posters to Nola Mahaney, Director of Administration; ISE, Inc.; 5707 Calverton Street, Suite 2 C; Baltimore, MD 21228 or fax at (410) 869-9560 or email file attachment to nola@isciencex.com. Now Open www.ISEbooks.com – Your online Science Book Solution

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Institute for Scientific Exchange, Inc.
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