Event Date/Time: Dec 03, 2002 End Date/Time: Dec 04, 2002
Registration Date: Dec 04, 2002
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INT Media Group's Enterprise Linux Forum Conference & Expo is the only industry event that is dedicated to providing IT and business professionals with an understanding of all of the issues related to the application of Linux and Linux-based datacenter solutions in the large enterprise to cut costs, reduce risk, increase architectural flexibility and deliver real business value.
Linux has always had a well-earned reputation for stability, but technological deficiencies, as well as a lack of key features and limited support from leading vendors, limited Linux's role in the enterprise to file and print sharing, remote systems management, Web servicing, as well as nodes for technical computing clusters. Now, however, all major hardware and software vendors have proclaimed their support for Linux, and are making good on those announcements with a dazzling array of Linux products and services. Linux solution and services providers have also made great strides to improve the scalability and robustness of Linux distributions to support greater network and server workloads more reliably. Advanced options for high availability, one of the most significant challenges to the success of Linux in the enterprise, have also been addressed. In addition, Enterprise-class business applications and management software for Linux environments have been released, with new products and services announced almost daily.

The Real Revolution
The increased robustness of Linux solutions, including ongoing advancements to the operating system kernel itself, coupled with the cost advantages that are the hallmark of Linux systems, has made Linux an attractive alternative to proprietary operating systems in the enterprise. Farsighted IT and business managers are now beginning to insert Linux into the application and data server tiers of their enterprise IT infrastructure. It is here, in the datacenter, where the real Linux revolution begins. With the support of virtually every leading hardware, software and IT services company, the march of Linux into the datacenter is unstoppable.

A New Market, A New Event
2002 is the breakout year for enterprise Linux. It is on the watch list of every IT and business manager in the Global 2000. Linux is increasingly being utilized as a cost effective platform for building the next generation of high-performance, and often distributed, enterprise business systems. While there are competitive Linux events, Enterprise Linux Forum Conference & Expo is the only event designed to specifically cover the employment of Linux in commercial, business systems, but more importantly, the most scalable, robust and high-performing Linux systems in the world.


110 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
United States

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