Role of Engineering Towards a Better Environment (RETBE'02)

Venue: Bibliotica Alexandrina Convention Center

Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Event Date/Time: Dec 21, 2002 End Date/Time: Dec 23, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: Jul 31, 2002
Paper Submission Date: Sep 15, 2002
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the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University has taken the initiative to organize a series of conferences, every other year, on the Role of Engineering towards a Better Environment: RETBE. The upcoming 4th international conference, RETBE’2002, will be held in Alexandria during the period December 21-23, 2002.
With a rising global population and ever increasing levels of consumption, there is a need for significant increases in the efficiency of resource use. So, the theme of the conference is "Ecologically Sustainable Industrial Development". The conference still continues to uphold the mission of the preceding conferences, to emphasize challenges facing the growing environmental problems in the absence of appropriate measures of environmental protection. The scope of the conference has been extended further to include industrial ecology and ecological assessment analysis including ecological production and consumption patterns. The conference will offer an excellent opportunity for Engineers, Scientists, Investigators, Practitioners and Administrators to exchange views and proficiency to achieve pioneering, cost-effective and long-term approaches for undertaking environmental issues.

Topics Include:
• Industrial Ecology
• Marine ecology
• Ecological risk Assessment
• Plants retrofitting and Dematerialization
• Urban Sustainability
• Environmental Strategies, Standards and Regulations
• Environmental Risk Management
• Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency
• Pollution Monitoring and Control
• Waste Management and Control
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Environmental Strategies, Standards and Regulations
• Life cycle assessment
• Energy and Alternative Energy
• Ecologically-Oriented Engineering Education and Training
• Global Warming


Bibliotica Alexandrina

Additional Information

CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES The main objectives of RETBE’2002 are: • To illustrate state of the art in the field “Role of Engineering towards better Environment” • To present the role of engineering in achieving an Ecologically Sound Sustainable Development and introducing systems and measures that can maintain the growth of the economy to be as high as possible without increasing the pressure on the natural resources or increasing environmental burdens and stresses.