Event Date/Time: Jul 15, 2002 End Date/Time: Jul 17, 2002
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Six Sigma in Finance and Transaction is the very first event ever to focus on Six Sigma implementation in the Finance Sector. Additional presentations from other service operations will show how Six Sigma creates productivity gains that have helped fuel double-digit sales and profit growth in all non-manufacturing areas. On July 16th-17th, first-class Quality experts will meet in Chicago/IL, and discuss how they have achieved Industry Leadership and generated substantial savings through the Next Generation Six Sigma. On July 15th, 2 inter-active workshops on A) Lean & Six Sigma in non-manufacturing processes, and on B) TRIZ Creativity Methods to enhance Six Sigma, will provide you with hands-on fundamentals of further Six Sigma improvement.

Find out from American Express how to achieve levels of service quality never thought possible before by utilizing Design for Six Sigma in service environments
Discover from Pilkington PLC how your Finance department can save up to $2.000.000 a year through the application of Lean methods & Six Sigma tools
Hear from the US Mint how lessons learned on the factory floor can secure the biggest Six Sigma impact in transactional areas
Learn to identify and prioritize high impact projects through Allstate Financial’s powerful example of successful Six Sigma rollout
Take ITT Industries’ Six Sigma approach and dramatically reduce expenditure in your Cost-of-Finance area


PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS: Monday, July 15th, 2002

WORKSHOP A: 8:30am - 12noon
The Power of Lean Methods & Six Sigma Tools in the Service Sector

There has been much written about the power of Lean in reducing waste and the power of Six Sigma to eliminate variation in a process. The real power of Lean and Six Sigma is when they are used together to achieve the maximum impact upon a business process in the shortest amount of time. The area that is just beginning to attract major management attention is the use of Lean and Six Sigma tools in the service environment. This interactive workshop will provide you with the foundations you need to get a head start in one of the most lucrative business sections.

In this lively tutorial you will:

Ascertain how to reduce cost, improve quality, and increase customer service levels in all transactional areas of your organization.
Maximize your Return on Investment with the synergy of Lean and Six Sigma.

Master the challenges of a cross-functional implementation

Get the right strategy to deal with issues surrounding intangibles!

Waste reduction and quality improvement in a service environment is just as easy to achieve as in a manufacturing operation. Create a successful deployment roadmap and apply the tools of Lean and Six Sigma that make the most sense for your business and your customers.

David Palm is President of Lean Sigma Technologies, LLC, an international management consulting firm specializing in Lean and Six Sigma. He has worked for over 30 major companies to help them deliver world-class performance for their businesses and customers. Most recently, he served as the Corporate Director of Lean and Six Sigma for a Fortune 500 company with
responsibility for the rollout of Six Sigma worldwide.

On the second conference day you will hear a striking example by Pilkington PLC on how the synergy of Lean methods with Six Sigma tools can save you up to $2,000,000 in Finance.


WORKSHOP B: 1pm - 4:30pm
Enhance Six Sigma with TRIZ Creativity Methods

TRIZ is the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’ and the ideal component for your Six Sigma toolbox. There is an extensive array of quantitative tools for identifying process problems and opportunities for improvement available to Six Sigma practitioners, but how do you develop creative solutions to the problems? How can you implement creative new processes and systems that will deliver total Six Sigma customer satisfaction? TRIZ is the systematic innovation methodology that provides the answer. TRIZ enhances Six Sigma by organizing breakthrough tools and methods for creativity. In this hands-on and interactive half-day workshop, you will discover how to apply TRIZ methods to all your transaction and business challenges. You will learn to classify your problem, then select the right TRIZ tool for the problem, and develop powerful breakthrough solutions. The key areas for discussion will include:

Contradiction analysis

The separation principles for eliminating inherent contradictions

The 40 principles for eliminating tradeoffs.

All the TRIZ databases will be provided for you to use in class and to take back to your Six Sigma work. You won’t just learn about TRIZ - you’ll learn to use TRIZ for Six Sigma breakthroughs.

Dr. Ellen Domb, President of the PQR Group, editor of The TRIZ Journal and an internationally recognized TRIZ educator and consultant. She pioneered the integration of TRIZ with Six Sigma, and has specialized applying TRIZ techniques to business problems in manufacturing and in transactional areas.

On the second conference day, the Dow Chemical Company provides a powerful case study on the lasting impact of TRIZ methods in a transactional


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