Extending Requirements (Extending Requiremen)

Venue: Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel

Location: London, W1, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Mar 22, 2004 End Date/Time: Mar 23, 2004
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Speaker: Suzanne Robertson
Taking your requirements to the next level. This workshop shows you how to build on your existing expertise and integrate requirements into project management for the maximum effect. .
The last five years have seen considerable improvements in the techniques and processes we use to gather and communicate requirements. Our Volere requirements template has been used by a wide variety of organisations all over the world. The successful application of many things like connecting analysis modelling to requirements, requirements templates, fit criteria for individual requirements, quality gateway testing techniques and trawling techniques, have highlighted other areas where we need to improve our requirements skills.
This workshop extends what you know about requirements and gives you ways of taking your projects to a higher level of requirements excellence.
In this workshop we show you ways of choosing the best set of requirements to give you a competitive edge and still get your product to market on time, this includes techniques for quantifying the business value of investing in requirements. We also address the need to anticipate market opportunities by creating and inventing visionary requirements. And we address the question of dealing with requirements for existing systems along with techniques for managing meta projects large projects made up of a number of smaller ones.
A good requirements engineer has the skill of helping a wide variety of people communicate with each other. The project sociology structure in this workshop helps you to discover the correct stakeholders for your project. Then we give you proven techniques for helping them to be involved in the appropriate parts of the project, and even more importantly to stay involved throughout.

Learning Objectives
· A way to select the lightest requirements process that will work for your project
· Approaches to managing requirements where you have multiple components in the solution
· Techniques for building and maintaining good stakeholder relationships
· How to tell the cost and value of a requirement
· Techniques for choosing appropriate levels and groupings of requirements

This workshop is appropriate for business analysts, systems mangers, project leaders, consultants and systems analysts and planners. The material is aimed at people who are experienced requirements engineers and are already familiar with business events, product use cases, context models, functional requirements, non-functional requirements and constraints. The sister seminar, Mastering the Requirements Process, covers all of these concepts.


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