Value-Driven IT Strategy (VDIT)

Venue: Holiday Inn Kensington Hotel

Location: London, SW7 4ER, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Jul 09, 2002
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Your company’s ability to maximise the return on investment (ROI) from IT depends entirely on the success of your IT exploitation strategy. The secret is to explicitly drive your strategy from the delivery of bottom line business value – in other words, to start with ROI and work backwards.

This practical two-day seminar will help you to:

· Learn from the success of other companies
· Rapidly define and implement a value-driven IT exploitation strategy
· Ensure that the Board understand and own the strategy, with no technical IT knowledge required
· Keep your strategy aligned with other key business strategies in a rapidly-changing world
· Integrate IT investments and operating costs into value-creating business activities
· Concentrate on the core competencies that are vital for success
· Exploit the IT industry as your ‘virtual IT department’

We have designed this seminar for IT Directors, their strategists and senior managers. Non-IT directors and managers with responsibility for strategy, or for sponsoring IT investment, will also find it valuable. You will not need any technical IT knowledge.

Learning Objectives
This seminar will help you to permanently change your organisation’s perception of successful IT strategy, and the business value of your IT people. It will provide you with a blueprint for focusing your strategy on maximising value from IT in a fast-changing world, including:

· Interpreting and Contributing to Business Strategy
Chris will provide you with frameworks and techniques for understanding your organisation’s corporate and business strategies, talking the right strategic language and ensuring that your IT exploitation strategy is an integrated part of the strategic ‘big picture’.

· Making ROI Drive Strategic IT Management
Using some of the techniques used for successful business strategies, the seminar will show you how to make ROI the focus of your strategy, investment plans, architecture blueprints and sourcing.

· Mastering a Rapidly Changing Environment
In today’s world, a vital skill is the ability to deal with uncertainty and rapid change. Traditional IT Strategies, which often depend on too much certainty about the future, struggle to deliver sustained value as the world changes around them. Chris will show you how to turn this major challenge into a highly-valued core competence.
Exploiting the IT Market
Armed with a value-driven IT Strategy, you need to exploit every penny of your IT costs in a turbulent, and traditionally supply-driven, market. Using the concept of a ‘virtual’ IT department, the seminar will highlight the essential capabilities for success. Chris will also show how you can balance the value, costs and risks of your IT sourcing decisions, with the involvement and backing of the business as a whole.

· Benchmarking your IT Strategy
Throughout the seminar, Chris will draw extensively on his own hands-on experience of helping people to define and deliver value-driven IT strategies. Together with simple ‘five star’ definitions of success, this gives you the opportunity to benchmark your own strategies and tactics against those of organisations at the leading edge of maximising the business value of IT.


100 Cromwell Road
United Kingdom

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