IT Project Management (IT Project Mngmnt)

Venue: Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel

Location: London, W1G 8DN, United Kingdom

Event Date/Time: Oct 20, 2004 End Date/Time: Oct 22, 2004
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The successful management of an IT project is a challenging task. IT is moving at an ever faster rate, and the Project Management techniques that accompany it appear to be doing the same. Where we were once Sequential we are now Staged, where we were once RAD we are now Agile. This seminar delivers a clear focus on the practicalities of Project Management in a modern IT world, showing how to cut through the noise to use the core quality methods which lead to successful projects. The seminar relates IT to management techniques, and in particular to the development of a smooth path from project inception to delivery and roll-out.
The seminar will help you:

· Understand the relationships between lifecycles and project management
· Know which techniques can deliver both quality and timely delivery of product
· Select the best features from the core management techniques available
· Get your staff to buy in to the approach
· Understand how Design Techniques can be selected to improve process quality
· Improve the quality of development processes
· See how “testability” as a requirement leads to more professional product
· Understand and manage Risk in your project
· Improve your estimation techniques
· Clarify, refine and deliver quality Requirements
· Improve the quality of testing without increasing expenditure
· Handle delivery, installation and cut over effectively and professionally
· And, ultimately, ensure that you have a delighted client


We have designed this seminar for IT Project Managers and for those about to become Project Managers in an IT environment. Senior Technical Staff are also likely to benefit from attending. The seminar includes both management techniques and complementary information technology which combine to produce a more successful overall set of management tools. Attendees should have an overview of at least one method of developing software in a team environment.

Learning Objectives

This seminar will enable you to select the best Project Management techniques for your IT project and enable you to focus on the key drivers that deliver a successful project, on time, within budget and to a delighted end-user.
In addition to extensive printed notes, you will receive a CD of reference material on techniques, discussions on alternative solutions and demonstration tools aimed at solving Project Management issues.


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