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Enterprise Web & Corporate Portal Conference & Expo is an executive level event that brings together key industry participants around the issues of enterprise Web and corporate portal deployment and optimization. The conference focuses on the key role corporate portals can play as the nexus of content management and distribution, application and Web services integration, and communication between corporations and their employees, customers and business partners.

Mission Statement and Value Proposition
Enterprise Web & Corporate Portal Conference & Expo is the only event that analyzes portals, content management and syndication, application development and deployment, as well as application and Web service integration, as a whole, emphasizing the interrelationships among them for the delivery of the next generation of enterprise class, Web-based systems.

The Web has evolved from a means of posting static marketing material and first generation on-line retail systems, to become a key business platform. Moreover, the portal has emerged as the principal interface for delivering personalized content to employees, customers and business partners across all aspects of business transactions and processes, through a user friendly, dashboard-like format. Portal-based, Web systems are now also the de facto medium for control and integration for enterprise applications. Perhaps most importantly, portals will become the primary interface and nexus of integration for Web services, and the linking and synchronization of these services with legacy databases and applications across an enterprise network. Taken together, these new roles and enhanced functionality define the Enterprise Web - a platform that enables collaboration on a global basis, worldwide access to enterprise applications, data, content and Web services, as well as more efficient information management.

Web Development and Portals
Organizations of all sizes, across all vertical market segments, are actively building new classes of Web-based applications, engineered using a new generation of tools, technologies and techniques, and typically sporting a corporate portal as the "front end", enabling businesses to reach customers, partners, suppliers, and employees through a single, personalized gateway. In fact, the Enterprise Web and portals are fast becoming the de facto standard platform for all new application development. And as wireless hand-held devices, cellular phones and embedded systems become new client platforms, both the value and complexity of Web portals increases. As with any endeavor in IT, a full understanding of the architectural and operational issues involved will greatly increase the success rates for Enterprise Web application development and portal deployment efforts.

Educating A Maturing Market
Numerous mainstream organizations, like their early adopter counterparts, have deployed portals on corporate Intranets to enable users to find information in a categorized and organized fashion. Likewise, companies are using Enterprise Web and portal technologies and techniques to enhance B2C customer relationships by providing information in a portal-like structure personalized for a particular customer's need. Virtually all B2B online trading communities are based on some type of portal design. Business and technical managers are sold on the value of Enterprise Web and portal initiatives to lower expenses by removing boundaries to the free flow of information, as well as increase revenues by getting closer to customers and partners. Now is the time to educate Enterprise Web and corporate portal implementers as to how they can optimize and extend their Web and portal implementations to deliver greater value and meet strategic goals.

Growing the Market
The potential for portal, content management, content syndication, and Web search and development solution providers to grow their markets is strong. In fact, the value proposition for Enterprise Web and portal initiatives have increased with the current economic downturn. For example, in the current economic climate, there is greater emphasis on leveraging and optimizing existing IT assets, showing immediate ROI on IT investments, and exploiting emerging IT innovations and business opportunities. Enterprise Web and portal implementations deliver on these advantages in spades.


Additional Information

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