Event Date/Time: Nov 29, 2004 End Date/Time: Dec 03, 2004
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This seminar teaches proven techniques for developing and tuning application systems with high performance. Extensive hints, tips, and guidelines developed from experience and input from over 16,000 attendees from most major companies in 27 countries since 1984 will be presented. Test results illustrate the magnitude of improvements that can be achieved by using the techniques.

· Know how to use indexes efficiently to maximise performance
· Learn when and how to use lock avoidance, uncommitted read, and row locking
· Determine the appropriate commit frequency for your processing requirements
· Learn how to use proven techniques in the program design and development of your online transactions and batch processing that significantly improves performance
· Learn which of several techniques for cursor repositioning are best for your application depending on the data and required processing including a V7 technique
· Learn when and how to use optimise for 1 row and OR 0 = 1
· How and when to use before and after triggers as well as alternatives
· How to create and use 3 types of user-defined functions
· Manage the challenges of range predicates, skewed distribution of values, low cardinality indexes, composite indexes, and generalised reporting
· Address challenges by choosing the access path thru program design,
· Reoptimisation at run time, and dynamic SQL
· Use inner and outer joins, subselects, correlated subselects, and table expressions to achieve high performance
· Learn how to avoid stage 2 predicates that disallow the use of an index and require more CPU time
· Understand functions that require sequenced data and how to avoid sorts
· Determine the access path chosen by the optimiser using EXPLAIN and be able to influence the optimiser to choose the required access path when necessary
· Determine CPU and ASU estimates with level of confidence indicated using the DSN_STATEMNT_TABLE
· Provide optimisation hints to retain existing access paths and influence the optimiser

This seminar is intended for application developers, programmer/analyst, and database administrators.

This 5 day course assumes that students have one year or more of experience or equivalent classes.
Seminar Material
As well as receiving the seminar documentation, all delegates will receive a CD Rom of Gabrielle Wiorkowski’s latest version of her book DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 Development for Performance Volume 1 and 2


Additional Information

Speaker: Gabrielle Wiorkowski This seminar is intended for application developers, programmer / analyst, and database administrators