The International Corporate Forum on Breast Cancer (INCOFOR)

Venue: Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Event Date/Time: Jul 16, 2002
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General Information

The contributions of investors and corporations in research on new diagnostic equipment, drug development, and technological achievements associated with breast cancer were the rationale for establishment of the forum where these attainments shall be collectively presented and appreciated.
With great honor and respect for dedicated researchers, corporations and non-profit organizations worldwide, involved in development of cutting edge technologies, devices, therapeutics and programs related to breast cancer, we invite you to participate in The International Corporate Forum on Breast Cancer (INCOFOR).

New and Unique
This very new paradigm is designed mainly for researchers from the industrial laboratories and those who are sponsored by the industry to encourage presenting research in the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer. The uniqueness of INCOFOR relies on the fact that it is an amalgamation of a scientific conference, a trade show and a format designed to recognize and award the best corporations for their achievements related to breast cancer. This event will also be advantageous for investors to experience a direct relationship with the sponsors of recent advances in translational research, as well as the scientists.

INCOFOR’s objectives are to increase competitiveness in the industry, select the best and the most innovative product, promotional material, publication, method or program, and serve as a stimulus for investment in breast cancer research and technology by establishing direct communication with research entities.
This unique forum gives a chance to present successful product, technology and program to the public, potential customers, investors and specialists from around the world.

Qualifying Process and Participants
The INCOFOR presenting participants will be selected on the basis of the nominations submitted by industrial research laboratories or corporate sponsors, followed by anonymously submitted paper or poster reviews, which will be evaluated and qualified by panel of experts. The participants will present their research, products, technologies or activities orally during parallel sessions as well as the poster presentations. There will be ample time for the presentation of scientific accomplishments, equipment, software and devices to industry peers, participating scientists and the general public.
To encourage open discussion in a comfortable milieu the poster presentations, in contrary to the common practice, will be an integral part of the exhibition. It will also allow non-profit organizations to benefit from the highly valuable direct communication with the public and peers to evidence the utilization of private philanthropic and public funds.

Corporate sponsors of research will invite and nominate in-house laboratory scientists and recipients of grants funded by them, thereby becoming the co-creators of INCOFOR and per se bringing greater visibility to their own or sponsored R&D activities

There will be also a limited number of registrations designated for participants without nominations, who want to compare their scientific achievements with those presented by the industry and who intend to participate in the specific sessions, exhibition, and associate programs

The Contest
Each of the corporations participating in the competition by nominating researchers, teams and individuals for financial award will sponsor in equal amount the award fund. It is expected that the total Award Fund purse will be a few hundred thousand dollars. The Award Fund, supervised by the independent Award board of trustees, will be divided equally among the winners in each particular class. Both corporation and the research team will be automatically recognized for outstanding achievement in one of the categories listed below.

1. Biotechnology Research
2. New Diagnostic Methods
3. Innovative Therapeutics and Therapeutic Methods
4. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipment
5. Auxiliary Equipment and Software
6. Breast Cancer Education and Publications
7. Non Profit Organizations
8. Supporting Devices and Tools

A panel of experts in each particular field comprised of eminent persons from academia, industry and the non-profit sector will judge contestants on the basis of the submitted reviews and during INCOFOR on the basis of oral or poster presentations. A board of trustees of the award fund will confirm the awards. All decisions of the board of trustees will be final

The winners in each of eight categories representing a particular corporation/non-profit organization along with the winner of a public award for the best exhibition booth will be announced at the closing ceremony on September 30, 2003.
Date and Venue
The International Corporate Forum on Breast Cancer (INCOFOR) will be held September 27-30, 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, one of the most picturesque cities in the world. There will be attractive social program during the congress as well as a pre and post conference tourist program in and around the city.

INCOFOR is organized by International Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (IABCO) who brings organizations and corporations sponsoring fight against breast cancer under one global structure to illustrate that the prevention, early detection and high quality treatment of breast cancer must be an international priority for all peoples. The Alliance serves non-profit organizations in their efforts to reach high incidence populations, furthering charitable and corporate efforts in attaining their individual paths to serve this great need. Exemplifying, a world association of breast cancer organizations from every nation that focuses on collaborative ventures, the Alliance assists organizations with their leadership, financial needs, and adherence to ethical and business standards. The Alliance provides a certifying, adaptable protocols and programs that may be identified by corporate philanthropy, investors, professionals, patients, and caregivers world-wide, and assures through INCOFOR, continuous dialogue on the current state of science and technology - enhancing patient outcomes. The Alliance members are recognized in their own nations as charitable or corporate entities, with breast cancer eradication - the ultimate vision.

Organizing Committee
The International Corporate Forum on Breast Cancer