Economist Conferences: China Supply Chain and Logistics Roundtable: Delivering the goods in post-WTO (China Supply Chain)

Venue: Grand Hyatt Hotel

Location: Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: Sep 24, 2002 End Date/Time: Sep 25, 2002
Registration Date: Sep 23, 2002
Early Registration Date: Jul 31, 2002
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Supply chain management is a key issue when aiming to achieve high performance in the China market. Yet China presents substantial challenges to managing the supply chain effectively:

  • Poor infrastructure (particularly in inland provinces)
  • The uncertain lead-time of various modes of transport
  • Limited integrated distribution
  • Poor payment systems
  • Slow customs clearance

Despite partial solutions that WTO will bring to these problems, how long will it take before the logistics market in China is liberalised? For logistics companies already in place, there will be an increase in customers—WTO after all should have a dramatic effect on customs and tariffs, resulting in a freer logistics environment. But how soon will the relaxation in regulations have an impact on the supply chain management system? And will the Chinese government be able to effectively combat local protectionism?

E-commerce, which will play an important role in improving supply chain management in China, could prompt some manufacturers to phase out third-party logistics providers. However, the use of e-commerce is currently limited, particularly in the inland provinces and there is no secure legal framework as yet. What is the Chinese government doing to remedy this and how soon will supply chain systems in China meet levels achieved in other parts of the world? What business models and systems are best suited to the China market?

This Roundtable will address the problems that logistics companies and manufacturers are facing in China and look at the solutions that the Chinese government are trying to put together. Senior executives from all industries are invited to attend, particularly distributors; senior executives responsible for logistics, procurement, operations, human resources, customer relationship management, finance, manufacturing or planning; consultants; IT professionals and software developers.


1 East Chang An Avenue