Event Date/Time: Sep 04, 2002 End Date/Time: Sep 05, 2002
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This conference will focus on the converging market and technical trends in automotive electrical system design as they relate to the transition of automobiles from 14 to 42 volt batteries. 42 Volt Automotive Systems will provide an assessment of what market, technical, component, and architectural advances are necessary to enable automakers to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to 42 volt vehicles. Speakers from major international automobile manufacturers, OEMs, automotive components suppliers, R&D professionals, and standards groups will discuss problems facing rapid adoption of 42V systems during this highly focused and interactive two-day forum designed to help promote industry unity in bringing 42 volts to market.

With the production of the first dual 14/42 volt vehicles slated for this year, the revolution of the modern-day car will have begun and production is forecast to expand to 13 million units by 2010 experts predict. The demand for increased power and the support of 42V systems is being driven by four major forces: enhanced vehicle performance; improved fuel economy; emissions reduction; and new "intelligent" electronic systems, such as electric power steering, electromechanical breaks, onboard navigation systems, entertainment systems and electrically controlled air conditioning and heating systems. The higher voltage battery will enable by-wire technologies, electromagnetic valve trains, integrated starter generators, ride control systems, smaller wiring and cables, as well as smaller semiconductors. Initially, 42V systems are likely to appear in large and midrange automobiles, particularly SUVs and light trucks in the US, where fuel consumption and emissions standards have not been significantly supported as they have in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Whether the migration to 42V systems is being prompted by luxury features in the United States or by fuel efficiency and diminished emissions in Europe, the result is the same: 42V systems are a reality and automakers and suppliers need to be prepared for the transition, or risk being left behind.


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