Inscriptions in the Sand: An Arts and Culture Festival and Conference (IS2003)

Venue: Eatern MEditerranean University and the ancient city of Famagusta

Location: Famagusta, TRNC, Cyprus

Event Date/Time: May 30, 2003 End Date/Time: Jun 01, 2003
Registration Date: Jan 01, 2003
Early Registration Date: Oct 30, 2002
Abstract Submission Date: Oct 30, 2002
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The Sixth International Literature and Humanities Conference at Eastern
Mediterranean University will be an arts and culture, conference and

From May 30th - June 1st, 2003, as part of its well-established series of
regional and international academic symposiums and colloquiums, the
Department of English Literature and Humanities at Eastern Mediterranean
University will host Inscriptions in the Sand, an arts and culture
conference and festival.

Inscriptions in the Sand will embrace literature, film, music, dramatic and
performance art, performance events, exhibitions and creative presentations,
as well as critical analyses and interpretations of literary, philosophical,
and other kinds of texts. In this way, we intend to provide an academic
environment and atmosphere charged with the energy of creative experience.
We welcome in particular panel discussions, presentations and creative
work/performances which problematize, question, challenge, and expose the
shifting, littoral ground on which traditional social, disciplinary and
ideological boundaries are inscribed. As such, we welcome those interested
in such diverse fields as literature/theory, the visual and performing arts,
architecture, music, historiography, science, law, politics, and
communications media.

Proposed areas of interest:

- relations between text and cinematic or dramatic performance
- the semiotics of music video
- performance, installation, and digital art
- body art, tattooing and mutilation
- jazz, atonal music, noise
- speech acts/oral traditions
- art and pornography; obscenity, voyeurism
- panopticism/ideological manipulations of architectural space
- modern and postmodern artistic avant-gardes
- counter- and sub-cultures
- cults, occultism, the popular imagination
- "pseudosciences," superstition or irrationalism vs. reason and science
- magic, shamanism, religious/mystical discourse
- media (TV, Internet, etc.) intrusion: censorship, privacy
- critical legal studies: ideology and objectivity in law
- deracinations: bedouin, gypsy, nomadic, immigrant or indigenous
- races, ethnicities and nationalisms
- gender agendas: transvestitism, transsexuality, queering
- Cyborgs and cultural systems

I. Panel Discussions (15-20 minute presentations)

We invite submissions for panel discussions in any of the areas of interest
listed above. Although we will be publishing selected presentations from
Inscriptions in the Sand, we encourage participants to move away from the
standard prewritten, "finished paper" format, towards a more open-ended
presentation, which will provoke and contribute to a genuine exchange of
research and ideas during the panel sessions. Our aim is to create a forum
and publishing venue for inspiring work in progress, that will develop and
move in new and unforeseen directions as a result of the exchange of ideas
with fellow academics participating in the conference, so that scholarly and
critical interaction will contribute to the final form of participants'

Prospective panelists are invited to send 250-word abstracts/proposals for
15/20 minute presentations on any aspect of the areas above by 30 October,
2002 to: or We look
forward to learning about your research, and to a provocative discussion.

II. Individual Research Presentations (30-45 minute presentations)

We would also like to hear from individuals with recognized expertise who
may be interested in presenting their research in fields other than those
listed. Our aim for Inscriptions in the Sand is to encourage presentation of
and engagement with the best contemporary work in the fields of philosophy,
theory, and literary criticism. Submissions for potential panel discussions
are also welcome, but ideally we are interested in presentations from
individuals who have carved out innovative and exciting research in
disparate fields.

Please send 250-word abstracts/proposals by 30 October, 2002 to: or

III. Creative/Performance Work

We look forward to receiving submissions for creative work in various
disciplines. Drama, poetry, narrative and performance events are welcome, as
are video/digital art, film, exhibitions and musical renditions. The
proposed topics list for Inscriptions in the Sand should give some
indication of the nature and style of the type of performance events we are
interested in.

Please send details by 30 October, 2002 to: or

For more information about Inscriptions in the Sand, please visit


Famagusta, Tukish Republic of Northern Cyprus