Applying the discipline of the marketplace to shared services (The Shared Services)

Venue: Hotel le Meridien

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Event Date/Time: Oct 30, 2002 End Date/Time: Oct 31, 2002
Early Registration Date: Sep 15, 2002
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one . 30 October, 2002

11:30 Registration

12:00 Welcome networking lunch

13:30  Chairman’s introduction to the conference and to the
Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association (SBPOA) -

Andrew Kris, Chairman, SBPOA

13:45 Applying the discipline of the marketplace to shared services

- Martin Fahy, Advisor for European Affairs, SBPOA

and answer session covering pre-conference benchmarking survey and discussion

14:15 Delivering a business case for global shared services - Ken
Thomson, Director of Global Business Services, Reuters EMEA

Reuters launched a Finance Transformation programme in 2000 following unsatisfactory
ratings in external benchmarking surveys. The initiative, which included
the launch of five shared services centres, was designed to respond to demands
for a smaller and smarter back office and Finance department, delivering
measurable value to the business. Ken Thomson will discuss:

-    Delivering a new finance function in support of business

-    Assessing the change management challenges: coping with
resistance and achieving buy-in on a global scale

-    Obtaining global coverage quickly: what was the impact
of five parallel deployments?

-    Evaluating the challenges and successes associated with
implementing Oracle single-instance technology globally

-    Staying aligned to a rapidly changing business: how
do you deliver measurable value during a period of change?

-    Achieving flexibility and the ability to respond to
new developments

-    Assessing what’s next: expanding the scope of
the shared services, outsourcing or global shared services

15:00 Turning your benchmarking data into actionable strategies

During this breakout session you will have the opportunity to take part
in a live benchmarking exercise using interactive technology. Discussions
will include:

-    What are the drivers behind establishing a shared services

-    What is the ratio of shared services staff to 

-    Which technology platforms do you operate?

-    What metrics or performance measurements do you have
in place?

How to use them

-    Understanding key drivers

-    Drawing relevant comparisons

-    Applying data to your situation

-    Comparing with outsourcers

15:45 Coffee and networking

16:15 User-to-customer: taking the leap to a customer focused organisation
- Tony Williams, Head of HR Shared Services, Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Over the last four years, Royal Bank of Scotland Group has centralised processes
to create an integrated HR shared services function. Traditionally, the
quality of service delivery has been measured by established SLAs. Moving
forward, Royal Bank of Scotland Group has refreshed its strategy, and is
making essential changes to create a more customer-centric shared services
centre. Tony Williams will discuss:

-    Why it is important to set out clear goals at the outset
and stick to them

-    What is the difference between a centralised service
culture and a customer centric organisation?

-    What the transition to a customer-centric shared services
centre will mean for employees and customers?

17:00 Shared services or BPO: making the decision -  speaker TBC

A petro-chemical joint venture has recently completed a rigorous evaluation
exercise to determine the best strategy for optimising its finance back
office and reducing costs. Internal practitioners put forward a bid for
internal shared services on a global and regional scale versus three external
providers against specific cost criteria. The business concluded that outsourcing
would not meet the cost savings required and therefore a commitment has
been made to provide full cost savings by 2004 via an internal shared services
strategy. The speaker will discuss:

-    What were the drivers behind the decision to consider
outsourcing options? How did this affect the assessment criteria?

-    On what basis was the evaluation made: global and regional
service provision?

-    How do you evaluate/ determine internal service provision

-    How do you establish a vision of finance in the future:
transactional accounting and added value

-    What does added value mean and how do you work with
the business to achieve it?

17:45  Single-instance global technology platforms: what are the
financial and strategic implications? - Leo Bartle, Managing Director, Office
of the Controller, Citigroup

Citigroup currently serves its global 250,000 customer base from shared
services centres based in the UK, Manila and Tampa. Leo Bartle will discuss
the latest initiative to roll out single-instance technology platforms across
the business. In particular, he will focus on the challenges of implementing
the technology and the role of shared services in mergers and acquisitions:

-    What were the drivers behind the decision to roll out
single-instance technology platforms in HR and Finance?

-    Which countries came first in the migration process:
what are the financial implications?

-    What role do shared services play in mergers and acquisitions?
What added benefit will the technology provide?

-    What will the next generation of shared services at
Citibank be? What will drive the development?

18:30 Chairman.s summation - Andrew Kris, Chairman, SBPOA

19:00 Evening networking and entertainment

The SBPOA was created to encourage communication and exchange between its
members. What better way to meet this objective, than to accept an invitation
to join us at the informal networking evening of beer tasting at La Porte

La Porte Noire, located just a short walk from the Sablon, is renowned for
its excellent beer/spirits selection, served in its authentic 16th century
cellars. Within its medieval beer cellars you will have the opportunity
to choose from an enormous selection of the beer that Belgium has to offer.

We will meet in the hotel foyer at 19.00 for the short journey to La Porte
Noire. This is an excellent opportunity to maximise your networking activities,
and meet our expert panel of speakers.

Address: Rue des Alexiens 67, Brussels

Phone: +32 2 511 78 37

two . 31 October, 2002

08:30 Registration
and coffee

09:00 Chairman's summary - Andrew Kris, Chairman, SBPOA

09:15 Shared services can work in the public sector: experience from
the NHS - Philip Hewitson, Chief Executive, NHS Shared Services Taskforce

The key objective of the National Shared Services Initiative is to make
better use of scarce skills, provide information and services more efficiently
and to reduce costs so resources can be devoted to direct patient care.
Philip Hewitson will address:

three national shared services projects

new processes and systems designed for efficiency and effectiveness

existing structures and processes

high quality business support services to multiple customers

accurate and speedy management information for local and national purposes 

10:00 Building a shared services organization and streamlining the structure
- Miles Warner, HR Services Director, Schlumberger UK

The success of Schlumberger.s UK, French and US shared services centres
has driven the company to further streamline their service delivery and
expertise. During this presentation Miles Warner will discuss the process
involved in streamlining from its conception to its optimal state:

The evolution
of shared services within Schlumberger: from manual processing centre to
one-stop-shop for personal services and expertise

the shared services centre from the business

change: what are the implications for shared services employees and Schlumberger
as a whole?


What are
the strategic implications?

What are
the projected cost savings?

10:45 Coffee and networking


11:15 Choose between A or B

Workshops are designed to introduce an issue or challenge via a 20-minute
case study. This case study will form the basis of our workshop. Delegates
will be given time to compare notes and swap  inside stories on successes
or failures. Delegates are invited to attend the workshops with their own
agenda and experiences to share.

A - Change management: two years not two words - Hugh Hood, Head of HR
Shared Services Transformation project, Barclays Bank

The ambitious shared services HR transformation project at Barclays incorporates
a number of change initiatives.  These include the centralisation of
administrative activity, re-engineering of processes, implementation of
SAP and Siebel for workload management. Hugh Hood will discuss:

a service-led approach to shared services

the behaviour of staff and designing HR shared services around the customer

cost reductions via centralisation

control leading to a single version of the truth

a service focus for engagement with the business

Using multiple
channels to deliver HR services

B - Using global charge-backs to set expectations and manage costs –
Neil Serjeant, Vice President, IT, Business & Finance Management, Quintiles

After the initial roll out of a new IT shared services organisation across
North America, UK and Ireland, Quintiles. biggest challenge is the allocation
of cost or charge-backs for the HR, Finance and IT shared services. Here
Neil Serjeant will discuss the drivers behind the decision to implement
activity based charge-backs or prices and the issues and challenges of integrating
these into the shared services offering. In addition, he will discuss how
shared services has become a tool for gaining control of costs and driving
a common set of standards and collaborative tools across the business.

a common charge-back mechanism within IT, HR and Finance shared services:
what were the drivers behind this?

buy-in from stakeholders and line managers and dealing with geographical
pockets of resistance

management strategies

out charge-backs in Europe: what particular challenges does this entail?

Using charge-backs
to provide incentives to employees and drive down unit costs

charge-backs as a managerial tool: gaining control of, and reducing costs

a common set of processes and collaborative tools to standardise on a global

12:00 Networking lunch

13:30 Choose between C or D

C - Partnering with the business: what does it take? - Henk Mos, Manager,
Shared Services Europe, Newell Rubbermaid

Newell Rubbermaid is currently completing the implementation of its financial
shared services. Henk Mos will discuss the challenges of achieving buy-in
from the business as a whole and the benefits achieved to date:

the implementation strategy: what is the impact on local finance and sales

buy-in from the business units. Breaking down resistance to become a true
business partner

desired effects and goals of the implementation

key performance indicators

key success factors

D - eProcurement: does it deliver? - David Eakin, Director, Professional
Services, Buy IT

Now that eProcurement programmes have been running for a couple of years,
this workshop will look at the real returns the market is seeing and investigate
how companies should approach this issue, and benefit from early experiences.
In particular, David Eakin will analyse the benefits of eProcurement in
comparison with general procurement processes. He will also discuss elements
of eProcurement

that are giving better returns and which could be looked on as early stages
of the programme.

a business case: does it work for all organisations?

What is
the realistic return on investment (ROI)?

Is the
return generated by eProcurement or better sourcing disciplines?

Would a
marketplace discipline be just as effective?

How can
you measure the benefits from the programme?

Which elements
of eProcurement produce better returns?

we only go for high return areas?

14:15 Coffee and networking

14:45 Choose between workshop E or F

E - Should you consider a BPO solution? - Andrew Kris, Chairman, SBPOA

As shared services professionals you are increasingly under pressure to
balance customer expectations with the unrelenting drive for performance
and cost reduction. A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution may provide
you with the opportunity to concentrate on your core business strategies
by taking charge of the provision of your back office. During this workshop
you will have the opportunity to address:

Is there
an inexorable drift to outsourcing? Why hasn't it happened more widely yet?

How is
the BPO market is changing and why should you remain on top of new possibilities?

down misconceptions: loss of control, losing out on opportunity to commercialise,
no one can understand your business like you do

What are
the things to look out for when selecting an outsourcing partner?

a BPO strategy

F - Virtual shared services for HR: for competitive advantage with the
external marketplace - Luk Mettens, Manager of Global HR Systems, Cisco

Cisco has recently taken the decision to integrate its e-HR tools with its
global shared services strategy. During this presentation Luk Mettens will
discuss the drivers behind the decision to create best practice shared services.
In addition, he will focus on how the HR department is delivering real and
measurable value to the business:

technologies into the design of global shared services centres

shared services as a change project rather than an integration of technologies

a self service culture within the organisation as a whole: achieving buy-in,
training staff, exploiting systems functionality

a virtual business implementation strategy based on ROI

the value of self service technologies using dashboards

15:30 Workshop debrief and Q&A discussion: Discussion of the results
of the benchmarking conducted throughout the conference - Martin Fahy, Advisor
for European Affairs SBPOA

16:00 Chairman's close - Andrew Kris, Chairman, SBPOA


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