Measuring & Managing IT HUman Capacity In The Public Sector

Venue: The Westin Hotel

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Event Date/Time: Nov 04, 2002 End Date/Time: Nov 07, 2002
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As the public sector changes its focus to effective knowledge management as a key enabler for improving service delivery to Canadians, electronic government has become a reality. This cultural shift has implications in every area of the public sector, not the least of which is the IT community.
Public sector IT departments have an extremely difficult challenge. As your department becomes increasingly accountable and complex you must be capable of responding to increasing demand and constant change in a way that is efficient and effective. As a leader in this field you must ensure that the human capacity of your department and the individuals within that department are optimized. However your ability to do this is limited because of restricting legislation, lack of resources, and/or knowledge. So how then are you going to manage this transition?

Verney Conference Management is proud to present Measuring & Managing IT Human Capacity In The Public Sector. This conference was specifically designed in two parts to help you address the human capacity challenges your IT organization is facing as it continuously evolves.

Internal Assessment
This section will focus on understanding the changing nature of a Public Sector IT department and the implications this has on an organization and the people it employs. More now than ever IT departments are becoming more accountable to the organizations they service, causing a shift to a more business/service oriented culture. Some of the issues to be addressed in this section are:
 Redefining the roles of individuals
 Identifying new skill sets and competencies
 Understanding the impact this shift will have on your department
 Assessing what your future needs will be
 Developing a strategy to address your needs
 Managing the transition within the parameters of the public sector environment.

Management & Work Practices
This section will focus on turning your new IT department into an effective, people focused organization. Once you have taken a look at your current environment and developed a strategy to address the challenges that lie ahead, it is imperative that your organization performs as you require and is capable of meeting the requirements of an ever-changing public sector. Some of the issues to be addressed in this section are:
 Promoting effective governance
 Conducting hard and soft cost/benefit analysis
 Developing service oriented training programs for technical staff
 Measuring and demonstrating value
 Redefining recruitment and retention strategies
 Creating appropriate performance management strategies

This conference will provide you with a comprehensive view of human capacity practices of public/private sector IT leaders, while providing expert tutelage and guidance on issues specific to your needs. Enabling you to get the information today that you will need to ensure continued success in the future.