Venue: Beijing Friendship Hotel-Fridendship Palace

Location: Beijing, China

Event Date/Time: May 21, 2003 End Date/Time: May 23, 2003
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With the aims to promote the medical industry and economy of China, probe into the further direction of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, the Forum can be originated back to 1997. It is commissioned and sponsored by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Drug Administration£¬Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and related organizations. The consistent principles of the Forum are to penetrate the present situation of international and domestic bio-industry, resolve the problems through the process of the growing that is still in its infancy, paint a more healthy and worthy future. It themes to power the forum into a higher level authority.

Moving forward within the past 6years, the forum has generated great influence in almost every corner of biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry both in and out of China as well as has been dependent on all kinds of long-term assistance and supports from colleagues in this field. We invited about 100 experts around the world to deliver the speeches on the forums. We have been making our effort to perform it into an international Biotech. & Pharma. Industry Forum with the higher-level authority.

Besides the major speeches throughout the Forum, the satellite meeting is an important part of the Forum. During the past five forums, we held more than 45 satellite meetings such as ¡°Human Genome Project (HGP) Round Table Meeting¡±, ¡°Round Table Meeting for Principals of Chinese Traditional Medical Colleges in China¡±, ¡°The First Chinese CRO Workshop¡±, and so on. Numerous scholars, officers and entrepreneurs around the world met together and shared significant new ideas and opinions. These meetings have made the wide attentions and influence both in and out of the industry and are going to become an ¡°attracting the eye-ball¡± on the Forum.

The forum has been acknowledged by different parts of industry for the quality, service and the scale. The attendees who came from not only China also a lot of countries around the world, approximately 500-600 people participated the Forum each year. The forum had become a splendid scene during¡°China Beijing International High-Tech Expo¡±in 2000 and 2001.