Event Date/Time: Oct 24, 2002 End Date/Time: Oct 24, 2004
Registration Date: Oct 24, 2004
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Automotive Network Symposium

Responding to industry requests for application guidelines and “how-to” information, a new IDB-1394 Automotive Network Symposium has been developed by Connectivity Innovations and offered by the IDB Forum.

The one-day program will cover specifics of the IDB-1394 specification including overview comparisons with the 1394a and 1394b specifications to highlight the changes made to assure interoperability while meeting stringent automotive requirements. Power management will be covered to help guide participants through applications and help them gain an understanding that can be used in specific development projects.

IDB-1394 includes an automotive-specific message set, based on AV/C protocol that brings assured interoperability with consumer devices using AV/C protocol. The automotive specific functions and message structure will be covered to demonstrate interoperability assuring that 1394a or 1394b consumer devices can be used optimally with the IDB-1394 Customer Convenience Port.

Other network technologies will also be reviewed to help attendees understand the advantages and specifics of IDB-1394 as compared to other networks. Since a myriad of busses will continue to be used in vehicles, the overview will include some of the most popular including: Flexray, MOST, CAN, Intellibus, and LIN, with a focus on MOST. This course is designed specifically for IDB-1394 automotive applications and those working on vehicle projects. Attendees are invited from the passenger car/light truck, heavy truck and bus, transit, and automotive electronics communities. To request additional information or onsite training please contact us at: info@connectivityinnovations.com.


Additional Information

Automotive IDB-1394 Network Symposium The IDB-1394 Vehicle Network Symposium is a one-day session that will engage engineers and managers who are involved in vehicle electronic systems into a learning discussion focused not just on IDB-1394 but on industry needs and plans for future high-speed on-board data. It will address many misconceptions about vehicle networks and protocols including questions about compatibility with existing consumer devices and outline the steps of developing automotive-grade products. Technical topics will also include fiber-optics, device messaging, wireless interfaces to Bluetooth and 802.11, and network power management. The symposium will provide the opportunity to meet and learn from the automotive industry, including IDB Forum and 1394TA members. The all-day symposium will convene at 9AM at the Ford Motor Company Training and Development Center in Dearborn Michigan on 24 October 2002. Next Seminar Venue: Detroit, MI Date: October 24, 2002 Ford Technical Center Register at: Participation in this symposium requires advance registration at the IDB Forum website: www.idbforum.org or by calling 1.571.IDB.0707. Cost: $350 IDB Forum members $450 non IDB Forum members