Event Date/Time: Jun 04, 2003 End Date/Time: Jun 06, 2003
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For a number of years now, researchers promise that the agent technology
is about to have a significant impact on (among others):

* development and maintenance of complex systems,
* resource management,
* delivery of personalized content, and
* e-commerce on a large and small scale.

Obviously, this list is far from being exhaustive, and there exists a
considerable overlap between application and research areas as well. The
breadth and depth of these areas supports the claim that agent technology,
if successful, can lead to breakthroughs in a wide variety of fields,
including those especially relevant to the corporate world, such as
managerial decision-making, planning, executing and monitoring. Despite
this promise, and years of extensive research, agents have not lived up to
the excitement surrounding them.

The aim of this Special Session is to assess the state of the art in
software agent applications to business information systems. We would like
to bring together academic as well as industrial researchers and
practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences, to initiate new
connections toward future cooperation and/or to strengthen existing
collaborations. We are particularly interested in the following topics
(however papers addressing other research and application areas are also


* Agent-based Interfaces and Data Retrieval for Business Automation
* Agent-based Automatic Demand/Supply Formation, Matching, Transaction
* Agent-based Logistics, Business Process & Workflow Management
* Agent-based Business Systems Modeling, Analysis, Design & Validation
* Agent Security and Authentication
* Ontology Support for Inter-Agent Collaboration in E-Business


* Agent-based Supply Chains & B2B systems
* Personal Agents and Virtual Agent-based Offices
* Large-Scale Agent-Based E-Business Systems
* E-Management, E-Planning and E-Control with Agents
* E-Trade, E-Marketplace, E-Banking and E-Investment with Agents
* Wireless Agent-Based Systems and Semantic Webs
* Lessons Learned from Experience in Deploying Agents in Business

Agent-based approaches are controversial. There are those who view them as
just a fad that in the long run will not be able to bring significant
breakthroughs. Others believe that these systems are just a repackaging of
old ideas, and claim that while nothing particularly new is being brought
to the table, there is potential in this approach from the application
developer’s viewpoint. We would like to extend invitation to the critics
and supporters of the agent approach that can demonstrate why the agent
framework will or will not lead to realistic breakthroughs in business
settings. We also welcome papers that approach the agent-related issues
from different perspectives e.g. decision theory versus belief, desire,
and intention. It should be stressed that this special session appears in
the context of the conference devoted to business information systems.
Thus, submissions to this track have to be related to the business


Papers to be considered for regular conference presentation and
proceedings should be submitted via the regular conference submission