Agent based Grid Computing Workshop

Venue: Tokyo

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Event Date/Time: May 11, 2003 End Date/Time: May 11, 2003
Abstract Submission Date: Dec 01, 2002
Paper Submission Date: Dec 01, 2002
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Managing access to computing and data resources is a complex and time consuming task. As Grid
and Cluster computing matures, deciding which systems to use, where the data resides for a
particular application domain, how to migrate the data to the point of computation (or vice versa),
and data rates required to maintain a particular application ``behaviour'' become significant. To
support these, it is important to develop brokering approaches based on intelligent techniques --
to support service discovery, performance management, and data selection. Intelligent agents
provide a useful means to achieve these objectives. An important and emerging area within Grid
computing is the role of service ontologies -- especially domain specific ontologies, which may be
used to capture particular application needs. Using these, scientists may be able to share and
disseminate their data and software more effectively. This has been recognised as being important
-- and current efforts towards establishing "Semantic Grids" is a useful first step in this

The agent community on the other hand can find Grid environments useful testbeds to deploy
agents on a large scale. Often, within the multi-agent community, agents are restricted to a few
10s of agents -- and often agents undertake identical tasks. To support Grid computing, agents
can offer different roles, be organised into regional or national dynamic "groups", and be able to
migrate between groups to support load balancing. Therefore agents could play an important role
in Grid Computing, and Grid Computing can offer useful testbeds for investigating Agent
services. The Grid is not only a low level infrastructure for supporting computation, but can also
facilitate and enable information and knowledge sharing at the higher semantic levels, to support
knowledge integration and dissemination. The aim of this workshop is to bring together both
infrastructure developers, and applications developers, who are working towards the vision of an
Information Grid using agent technologies. The workshop will also aim to inspire and encourage
collaboration between these two communities.